JSP 752 & FTOD & 90 Days

I am undergoing resettlement at the end of my 23 years service.

I was extended in post against my wishes, however Glasgow issued a FTOD to within 50 miles of where I wanted to settle. I have still not found suitable accommodation near where I want to settle and I may end up in my MSQ past the cut of date and become an irregular occupant inside the 90 days (I hope not but needs must). JPA let me claim disturbance no problems (I had to show FTOD certificate to CoC first), however what happens with removals if I have not booked them before my last day of service. I cannot find anything in the JSP and the QM department tells me its nothing to do with them as it is just booked on-line.

Can anyone shed any light on who best to contact or what I should do.

Many thanks

How did you claim Disturbance Allce with no move date and no address to move into? I know JPA does not ask for an address but you can only claim within 6 weeks of moving.
you say you have claimed DA - without having moved or for that matter having an address to move to ... May I suggest, to save you from firstly having a lot of explaining to do and secondly the possibility of a fraud investigation that you inform your unit HR that you have erroniously claimed DA and that until such time as you have an address or move date you have the DA paid to you recovered !!!! Just a thought old chap ... wouldn't want you to be accused of fraud !!!! On a side note - JPA will allow you to claim DA at any point regardless of your housing circumstances ... this does not mean you have en entitlement to it !!!!
I have my formal discharge date as the end of August. I went into my HR and they told me that I could put in for the DA at any-time in the last 6 months. They then asked for my FTOD certificate which was placed in my file and they told me to crack on and put the claim in, which I subsequently did. Is this wrong?
Yeah just a bit - the JAP us quite explicit ... You my only claim DA a max of 6 weeks prior to your move date - as you don't have one you are not entitled to it ... Simples
To get back to your OP, we just had a guy (albeit T1 Redundancy) who did not arrange his removals until past his discharge date. I think you would be OK, although it is best to ensure you have your unit on side in case it goes Pete Tong. The FTOD entitles you to Removals, but I am unsure if it is laid down anywhere you have to move before your discharge date. However, as has been said, you can not claim Disturbance Allowance without a move date, and of course an address, although JPA will allow you to still claim. I suggest you let someone know in the unit (maybe FSA??) When you do eventually move, you have already claimed, so you should be OK.
Thanks all for the points on DA. I went into the HR cell and explained what has happened. They have made a note on my P File in case it comes up but are not going to take any action. Their point of view was that I was still leaving in august and would still be entitled to it at that point.

Still trying to find out about the removals past my run out date if I end up staying in SFA as an irregular occupant.
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