JSP 752 Contradicts itself

We all know that each persons individual circumstances are different. Mine are particularly unique and complex, however if one paragraph in JSP 752 states that I am entitled to an allowance, and another states I am not, where do I go?

Obviously the RAO dept will read the para that tells them I am not entitled, then tell me Im not entitled and thats their job done .... but I think I am entitled to my money.

Who do I staff a redress through, or who do I contact outside the CoC in order for them to have an independent look at my situation.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Its a claim for DA so if there are any Pay Gurus out there I can PM with a rundown of my situation it would be great.

Cheers all,
Robin Hood
If there is a question over eligibility then you should ask your RAO for an example of a G1 casework letter, follow the guidnce and write the letter to make your case, forward it to the RAO, who will support it or not, then it goes to Bde SPS and thence to the PACC. They decide and you get the final word, job jobbed.
Paymaster, thanks for the advice, greatly appreciated, however please excuse my ignorance when I ask what does PACC stand for?
SPVA Pay and Allowances Casework Cell (PACC) - see para 01.0108 and Annex A to Section 1, Chapter 1 of JSP 752 for more info on pay-related casework.
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