JSP 752 - Actuals?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Renovatio, Feb 17, 2006.

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  1. Hopefully one of you Pay guru's can answer this for me.

    I was reading in the new JSP 752 that the current subsistance payments will be replaced with actuals (roughly in line with current civil service guidance i.e 3 courses plus a drink for your evening meal). Although the Army does not officially move to JPA until Nov 06 can i claim actuals from Apr under the new JSP 752 guidance?

    Also will you still be entitled to claim PIE along with the actuals?
  2. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just to ask while its in the agenda what can I claim I’m regularly away for days and generally lunch with civil servants and it ads up.

    I never been into claims but I find myself out more and more, why should I be out of pocket.

    I know I should take butties but it’s not the done thing when you are having a working lunch.
  3. From Apr 06 you will move onto capped actuals (actual expenditure up to a ceiling to stop people having the Caviar option). You can still claim PIE but on an actuals basis. I believe the current interpretation is a three minute phone call, laundry and a paper up to a maximum £5 cost.

    Percy Pigeon,

    the rules for subsistence require you to be away from service messing facilities for over 5 hrs minimum on current rules. From Apr this stipulation is removed and I believe you will be able to claim back some 'capped actuals' also.
  4. Celebration!

    From 1 Apr the new Day Subsistence (DS) rate is receipted actuals up to £21. This takes over from DRSA 5+, DRSA 10+ and EE. DS is supposed to cover Lunch and/or Dinner. So if you are away from your duty station for more than 5 hours and more than 5 miles from a service establishment a rather nice lunch seems to be on the cards.

    PIE now to just IE will be receipted cost up to £5 payable with Night Subsistence (NS) the new NRSA.

    It is thought that some guidance a la civil service of what is acceptable will be published soon.
  5. Thanks paymaster.

    If i can have up to £21 actuals for lunch under DS, how much can my evening meal cost in addition to this? I ask as i spend a considerable amount of time overnight in cities.
  6. Paymaster. Kind of on the subject. I am just about to move into a flat on SSSA, rent is paid as I am over 37 and will have purchased a place "up north". My kindly pay person (and she is very helpful) told me that my daily rate would be approx £13.50 + £7.00 gyh(P).

    2 things really. Under JPA is either rate likely to change dramatically? 2. Is there anything else that I am entitled to ie: PIE, telephone line rental etc.

    Thanks in advance :)
  7. With regard to resettlement; I think this could affect the way many of the course providers do their business. Many companies who do resettlement courses offer food, accom, course costs included in the final bill which funnily enough often adds up to exactly your full entitlement. Would JPA accept a final, all in-one bill from the course provider?

  8. That reminds me - as far as I'm aware, the resettlement grant is £534. I nearly left the mob about 10 years ago and it was exactly the same amount back then too! Does anyone know how long it's been kept at the same amount (and thus devalued vastly in real terms)?


  9. My understanding is that you get up to 21 for DS per day - if you are a Bunter and eat a mega lunch you won't get anything else and will have to live on your blubber. Do need some rules issued soon though

    "yes Barman, I'll have a packet of your finest pork scratchings and eight pints of Carlsberg- can I have a receipt to support my claim please"

    I think that paying only receipted actuals will actually SAVE the MOD dosh.
  10. This is disgraceful! Just now EE+PIE is nearly £25 a day cash in hand, however it does not come close to allowing you to dine at luch and dinner with civil servants who are on "true" actuals. If we are now moving to "actuals" with a daily £21 limit then it is a major jump backwards; yet again shafting the regular forces whilst the civil service gets the fair treatment (but don't they have a union......or am i being cynical) :evil:
  11. You are wrong EE & PIE don't go together, it is PIE and NRSA. In future it will be IE and NS.

    EE is at present £20, DS will be £21 so a slight increase. The huge increase if you would have only been claiming a DRSA 5+ that will now be a DS claim up to £21. If you would have been claiming an EE then your DS will have to last all day.
  12. Thats just daft. The new allowance lets you claim up to £21 just for lunch on one day but then limits you to the same £21 for a whole days meals on another trip ? My job takes me around the country a fair bit - Cape Wrath next month for example ! - Given that you are stuck with the hotel accomodation provided by CHBS, I'm often out in the sticks and therefore limited in the choice of where to eat - so end up eating in the Hotel - £21 is often going to go no-where near the bill on those trips.

    Some wierd minds must be working on this stuff !
  13. Trossachs, doesn't Durness have a Macky Ds? You could always get coffee and a sarnie at the Durness Craft Village or go round to klb were I come from.
  14. £21 is deffinately realistic for lunch and an evening meal,you can now include drinks and up to a 10% tip included in the bill, so it is a step forward. You can also go for the Dinner bed and breakfast tarriff in a hotel.
  15. Be warned though if you go for Dinner B&B you will only claim restricted DS @ £4.20 a decrease from now!