JSP 481 Driver Fam Trg Manual

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by BadUn, Mar 22, 2008.

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  1. JSP 481. The Driver Familiarisation Pamphlet.
    I have heard it goes obsolete on 31st of March.
    What will replace it
  2. JSP 800? That was being bandied about alot on my driver fam last weekend. Or I could be being a complete mong and that is for something else.

    Edit: Yes I was being a mong. Looks like JSP 800 replaces JSP 341-Drivers Standing Orders? On the Driver fam side I know ours is changing from 1 weekend to 6 weekends, I love the MOD, decreasing our training days while increasing requirement for vital courses :x
  3. Did you get told it official or this is what will happen?
    Sorry for being so vague

    If it is JSP 800 what chapter? is it a new annex to chap 10?
  4. I take it you're talking about TA fam training? If so, as from April, anyone carrying out fam training must have attended a GS Driving Instructors (???) course at Leconfield.

    I presume that all training will then be carried out in line with the GS Fam package. I know that this is affecting our fam training weekends, and the courses at Leconfield are likely to be oversubscribed - as this change is Army wide and not limited to the TA.

    Disclaimer: well that's what i was told anyway!!

  5. I am talking TA and Regular
    There really hasnt been much on this
  6. Haven't a clue as to chapter and verse, We were just told to use JSP 800 if we had any queries. Having looked at my joining instructions, the two references given (not including a regimental SO) were:
    JSP 800 chapter 15 annex C
    LANDSO 4409 para 11
    and the modules we were tested on were JSP 481. It also states
    We were also told several times over the Weekend, mainly as an incentive to pass "If you do not complete this course, the next opportunity you will have for Fam is after April and that course will be held over six weekends".
    Hope this helps.
  7. Thanks it helps
  8. JSP 800 does replace 481 , Grantham also running GSDI training courses i believe 3 a year ,
  9. JSP 800 Vol 5 Chap 10 Annex L, I was informed today.