JSP 464 / Rebate

I'm getting a little annoyed with DE. I spent a year with no insulation in my attick and this of course lead to bigger bills to keep warm. I applied for a regrade covering the period, now they want copies of my bills and to measure every room in the house to see if I even have a case. It seems they are doing everything in their power not to pay up. Do any of you have any advice please?
Cause non-specific and non-attributable damage necessitating an urgent repair (leaky water tank?). Insist on insulation work being carried out alongside the repair. Ensure that personal property damaged in process is not precious but valuable enough for a nice insurance claim.

I've surprised myself with that display of naughtiness...
Sorry, I mean the insulation has just been put in after a year of waiting! I still can't believe DE can't just admit they're wrong and regrade for that period. Cheers for the quick reply!


I am not sure if you have a real water tight case, as I don't think insulation is directly mentioned in the JSP. Is yours a one off case or are other houses in your street in the same position?

I know that if you are awarded a re-grade then it will be back dated to the day that you first raised the problem, be it a letter you have written to them or a job number given when phoning them.

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