JSP 456 Guru wanted please.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Poacher, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. Good Morning oh good and great fellow ARRSE'rs,

    I have heard tell of a paragraph in JSP 456, that gives precedence for local sourcing of goods or services if a substantial saving can be made against using the contractor.

    In specific, purchasing of table wines, if it can be proven that to purchase through say, Majestic that a substantial saving can be made on the contractors quote.

    Any pointers would be gratefully received.


    Poacher :hungry:
  2. If this is a Mess "do", then you just use part of the "function cash" that has been voted from GPF to pay for your Table Wine. Thats what i have done in previous Messes.
    Macro Card and Bobs your Uncle!
  3. That is what my intention is, but the contractor is trying to push that only drinks provided by them are used in the mess. As I heard that there was scope in JSP 456 to local purchase if cheaper, I wanted to ensure I had chapter and verse to go fire-fighting through the QM.
  4. The contractor should be reminded that although the currently have the contract they will not get preference when it comes up for renewal.
  5. It depends how strict the contractor runs things. Last Mess i was in, after midnight we (the Mess) would pay the staff to stay on, cash in hand say £50 each. The present Mess im at, the Contractor doesnt allow under the table dealings and its an effing lot to go past midnight, and the staff that are doing it, dont see half the money we pay the Contractor!
  6. That is much the case here, the MAC contract that we are under has stitched us up like a kipper. Hence trying to find this elusive Paragraph from JSP 456. Having searched through four volumes of it this morning, I could not find anything that quite fits the bill. That is why I was fishing for a clued up RCWO who could point me in the right direction.
  7. Blimey, don't they make the privates/sappers stag on as waiters anymore?

    Poor Show! :p
  8. I don't think there is anything they can do should you decide to put 'free' wine on the table. Could be wrong mind. The contract probably states that where they provide the wine they will use their contract (through their own preferred contract - invariably 10 - 50% more expensive than a Macro card!) Have you considered taking your do outside of the mess? Once they start to see their profit margin going out the window it may bring them back to the negotiating table. At the end of the day they are there to provide the catering and services in the mess they do not set mess rules and do not own it!
  9. apart from West Moors!! :wink:
  10. "As a general principle, it is vital that Commanders work closely with CRL Partners to develop a strong partnering relationship at the local level with the aim of creating a viable market in which the Partner can flourish to the benefit of all. The aim should be to offer the Partner the opportunity to deliver all catering, retail and leisure services at unit/station level. Only where the CRL Partner is unwilling, or unable to provide the required service should alternative options, including encroachments, be considered. This will ensure that Partners are offered a commercially viable business opportunity that will generate profits and gainshare. Commanders should not be overly concerned that this contract will lead to a loss of control or diminution of their authority. Rather, it should be viewed as an opportunity to provide enhanced facilities and services for all personnel by working together with the Partner"


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  11. That is more the ticket, I am busy sampling shiraz and merlot as we speak :roll:
  12. I would suggest your line is the "unable to provide the desired service" one. In other words, make the specification difficult for them to achieve at their margin level.

    I'd suggest getting hold of a copy of their contract. It may include clauses on profit margin caps on victuals (quite common in catering contracts, if it doesn't have one then I'd shoot whoever negotiated it). What you then want to do is specify a quality of wine you want with an affordability cap. It will do one of two things: either your contractor will have to up the quality of product and take a hit on the margins (and if the function is big enough they will have the turn-over volume to buy cheaper than you can and should sustain a lower margin anyway, a win-win) or it will force the contractor to nil bid allowing you to source yourself. If he does neither and tries to force inferior product at too high a price you can reject on the premise of not meeting your spec.

    As with all contractual issues, it's about giving the provider the opportunity to take the rope you give him and hang himself.
  13. That is very sound, just pricing like for like, we can undercut them by 23%. Thanks for all the responses. :salut: