JSP 341

Does anyone have access to an electronic copy of this? I only need chapters 21.085 and chapter 9.297.

PM if you need further details as to why I need them.


JSP 341 has been replaced by JSP 800 ( although the new publication keeps referring to the old one for some strange reason ).
JSP 341 was superceeded by JSP 800 Vol 5 etc and is now on its Second Edition dated Sep 07.

Any documents you use or any references you make from JSP 341 will not hold water with any inspecting team.

You need to demand your own hard copy else your reproduced/loaned copy will not get any future amendments sent to you. hence then it will be out of date and useless.

Hope this helps :D , anyone telling you otherwise is uninformed of changes :? .
Mag_to_grid said:
Dont suppose you have a copy?
Sorry, we was told to destroy them on receiving JSP 800, this we punctually did before realising that the new one strangely refers to the superceeded one. Must admit to never coming across that before, I shouldn't have been surprised though, the whole subject of MT has become a minefield of contradiction, grey areas, mis interpretation and red ECI's.... :D
I to, could use a old copy of JSP341 as I need to get some dates out of it for my Cert Ed course and then correctly reference any information I include in my assignments, Dont need JSP 800 as I have this at work.

RE gards
JSP 341 is still available in PDF on the defence intranet from the JSP index page.
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