JSP 341(800)

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by MuddyMettle, Apr 1, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    has anyone got a copy of JSP 341 (800 as it's known now) they could e-mail me or where i could download it from the internet.

    Have tried Army.net no joy there.

  2. Not meaning to be funny, but if you are in MT why has your unit not been distributed it? also JSP800 is only on the Army intranet under Electronic battlebox and is available to to order from llangenech as a hard copy. :?
  3. Hi,
    That's ok it's your view?
    i'm not MT just needed a copy for home, and don't have intranet here would be great if i did or could get this INFO from Army.net?

  4. You need a copy for home?
    FFS why? This i have to hear.
  5. 1. So I can impress the MT Sgt
    2. So if anyone below me asks me a question about MT I may know the answer
    3. So I can chat in the bar about it instead of girls
    4. Not be a time waster like some out there and know my job.

    Please pick one or two
    I could go on but better stop there?
    Witch one or two are you?
  6. And you need to take one home to do achieve these?

    Jesus..............The long winter nights must fly by in your house.

    What you do need at home however, is a dictionary.
  7. Take it that's one all?

    Or should we carry on with this?

    As we both don't have anything to do apart from bitch on here.

    Got the dictionary but never found the book on how to use it.