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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by msr, Apr 15, 2003.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Dear All,

    What is the correct format for the distribution block?

    Is it







  2. i think it's:









    the format seems fine but you just have to ensure the right people are getting it.
    i.e all the "CO
    ADJ " etc will be internal from Rhq down. but external from sqn up.
  3. There is a guy who works at Blandford who writes a microsoft word plugin called docform. Its the best jsp101 template program i'v used (easier than the slim doc pack arrse) and he sells the program for ten quid a licence. The company email is docform@hotmail.com and i'm sure he'll answer any questions. And no i dont work for him, i got a free copy of the software on a course and like it!!
  4. I take it that you are in a TA Regt.  As far as the norm goes, your unit is the Regt.  Therefore they are internal addressees.  

    With the exception of Demi Official letter all Service Letters and documents are addressed to a unit or HQ concerned and where appropriate to a person by appointment not by name.  A name may be used only if the recipient has no official appointment.

     Whenever there are 2 or more addressees, external addressees are shown seperately before internal addressees and action addressees are listed before information addressees.  (As shown in Quillers reply) If any of the 6 headings has no addressee, then that heading is omitted. In a loose minute all addressees should be listed at the head of the document with the last action addressee underlined.  Information addresseesshould appear below "Copy To" in standard type.

    The addressees are then usually done in seniority order.  Action addressees should be called upon in the letter to do something.  Information addressees should be those that need to know that something is going on.

    Your PSAO should check your work for you prior to distribution therefore avoiding any nastys.  Finally get hold of a copy of the Defence Writing Handbook.
  5. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    I passed a document under our Chief's nose for perusal a couple of weeks ago just because I was not totally sure of all this and I had, as I was taught, given the distribution as above, but was told that things had changed and info no longer existed and neither did external or internal; It is now a case of action without any external/internal distinction and 'copy' for everyone else.  It's a heck of a lot easier and if Chief says it's right that is good enough for me!
  6. I know I should have replied early….this year however, JSP 101 was rewritten in Jul 02. Distribution is now.


    <Placed in order of seniority>

    Copy to:

    <Placed in order of seniority>

    Reason for the change is to stop strokers claiming they are only on Info and so did nothing about your letter.

    Some variations in LM and DO though…..I am a JSP101 spotter! (nothing like a staff job to sort you out)
  7. All I can say is the all of the above is c**p and a waste of toilet paper. We the army starts worrying about who is on the dristribution list than all is lost. :(
  8. Quite right Admin_Spice. It does have some importance as it is a way of making peoolpe read it.

    I still believe that enough strokers will not action the obvious because they are only a Copy to: - if they need to do something Distribute to them.
  9. I agree staff work seems pointless.

    I pump plenty of the stuff out.

    The idea is a basic format, which is easy to read and helps you get to the main point in the shortest amount of time. I have to admit when I get bad staff work (always from strokers) it is painful and slows up the process. Staff work does serve a purpose, but trust me I am not going to loose sight of my glinting bayonet.
  10. There is a electronic DW CDROM, which has all the default ltrs etc setup in word ready to go (using macros etc). Ask your clerk or RHQ for a copy to burn.
  11. I was tasked with writing to an aide memoir to JSP 101 about to years ago and also doing a presentation on it to improve the standard of written work amongst SNCOs in the Unit, cosequently I spent a few days going through JSP101 very carefully. There's only one thing in there that appears twice...

    First in the Preface and again, worded slightly differently in chapter 2, it's "no instruction in this manual should be interpreted so rigidly as to be the cause of unnecessary work..."

    It's the information that's in it and who's reading it/acting on it that's important!

    PS I anyone wants a copy of the aide-memoire, send me a PM, it's 9 pages of A4 and includes memo, LM, DO letter and official letter. 8)
  13. I personaly think all this DW crap is a waste of time. I know it is deemed necessary but how much work time is wasted because you have to rewrite a letter that some saddo has oblitorated with a red pen. As long as the official headed stationary is used, the standard formatting followed and the reader can understand what you are trying to tell them...what's the problem. Just because some shiny arsed pen pusher does not like 'your style of writing' or "you should have abbreviated that"...bollox...who cares......do something worthwhile for a change you loser!!!!