JSP 101 - abbreviations question

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Cutaway, Aug 10, 2012.

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Does anyone have a copy to hand ?

    Just got a fastball to write a number of papers for some grown-ups very quickly and obviously need to get any abbreviations correct.
    Got most fine but 'tracker' and 'tracking' - as in for example 'jungle tracker' - I don't know if an official abbreviation exists for those, but it'll make one of the papers much lighter if there is.
    While we're on it, & just out of interest, is there an abbreviation for jungle ?

    Can anyone shed the correct light on this please ?
  2. If you're using a lot of abbreviations, you should list them. Otherwise write the term in full once with the abbreviation in brackets. Thereafter use the abbreviation.

    You can create your own abbreviations in this way. The included list of abbreviations tells the reader what you mean and infers that any other meaning for the abbreviation, such as may be found in a pam, isn't relevant.

    JSP 101 is a Guide, not a rule. It's meant to make life easier, not complicate it.
  3. Oh, and JSP 101 says "avoid using abbreviations"...
  4. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Yep, both of these recognised methods.

    This was an utterly bone suggestion thought up by one of the right on gang.
    In the same way I will create my own way of spelling so as not to confuse the reader...

    All cool and dandy but doesn't answer the question, it's rather like walking into a real Orderly Room...

    Perhaps I should rephrase my original request:

    Is there anyone out there who knows the official abbreviation (according to the Pam) for 'tracker' and 'tracking' and will pass that info on to me ?
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    JSP 101 is a Guide, not a rule. It's meant to make life easier, not complicate it.
  6. Well if you want to know what's in JSP 101, the version I have handy, version 10, doesn't have a list of abbreviations.

    "Jungle" isn't abbreviated in the Feb 1999 version of "Jungle Operations - Personal Survival and Safety Guide".

    Nor is it abbreviated in "Infantry Company Group Jungle Tactics" (1999).

    If you don't like the answers you're getting (admittedly the CD I've picked up is an old one), phone the WO of the principal recipient of your completed document and ask for a list of the abbreviations that they use.
  7. Instances of tracker/tracking in "Infantry Company Group Jungle Tactics" (1999).

    CTT - Combat Tracker Team
    VT - Visual tracker
    JWTIC - Jungle Warfare Tracking Instructors Course

    Lucky they didn't need to talk about a Company or Corps Training Team using video tape...
  8. Google it - first link.
  9. It's great to know that, with all the modern technology and communications, JSP 101 is still giving staff officers nightmares! Perhaps someone could create a auto-spell-checker type app which inserts the correct JSP 101 abbreviation as the word is typed? Unless one exists already, I claim royalties on the idea......
  10. I doubt he is an officer if he had to come on here at that time and ask about JSP 101 and them get upset at the correct answers he received.
  11. If you want an abbreviated form of jungle, may I suggest thicket.
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  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Cheers Puttees, been some time since I had to look stuff up in 101, the JSP not the Room, and as nothing I searched for gave a result I was unsure if the one online was complete or current. When did it cease to include abbreviations ?

    Was pretty sure 'jungle' hadn't been abbreviated but good to get it from the source, besides it was just out of interest.

  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Look petal, as long as your anus isn't ripped & bleeding you know I'm not upset.

    And, "at that time" ? :shock:
    Is the concept of timezones is outside your payscale or just pre-Alzheimers ?
  14. I was also fairly convinced that one of the early versions contained a list of abbreviations but I'd also checked version 2 only to find that it was a bit less reticent with regard to using abbreviations but still didn't have a list.