Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Masterchef, Jan 28, 2002.

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  1. How many of you have been to Indi to do one or more of the many courses they run?

    The place is great and the cources are all good, staff are marvelous

    So if any of you have been and would like to go again, GET YOUR NAME IN.

    Those who haven't been, just get in touch with those who have and you'll soon realise what you have been missing out on.

  2. Och....ahm never oot the place!  ;D
  3. Anglesey, hmmm lurvely!

    Did MLT course recently had a good laugh. Staff were all cool and pitched teaching for our lads at exactly the right level.

    Only drama was OCdts on weeks course totally up themselves and boring the shat out of us in the classrooms. Absolute shower!
    Good climbing walls and a rather sultry instructor girlie too. Ding dong! :)
  4. Had the same dramas wi' Morris Dancin' OTC mongs maself up in Balachullish. The wee fannies were braggin' aboot aww the mountaineering they'd done in Dartmoor and Exmoor.  :mad:

    They filled their nappies when they seen Glencoe and the Mamores, and ah couldnie help laughing when they shat it oan Binnien Mor, and just aboot had tae be kicked aff the mountain.

  5. Eh?  Damn my absence of 4 months from Indy!

    I'm really lucky (also referred to as a skiver) and have managed to do RCP, RLT, MLT, JSMEL(S) and AJSMEL all within 21/2 yrs.  Absolutely brilliant - though the weather lecture is starting to get boring  ;)

    Looks like I'll have to training for my JSRCL, despite the 'orrible time of year.   :'(
  6. How do you get a posting to JSMTC(I) or do you have to be APTC?
  7. How easy is it to load people onto cses at really short notice?

    I work in a unit where we never know whats happing further out than 2 weeks, consequently the 'nice to have cses' like Adv Trg Quals are difficult to get.

    Any help welcome. :(
  8. Muppett,

    Get the number for the individual training centres; Indy, Balla, Ripon etc and phone them up a week before to see if they have spaces; I know people who have done it in the past and come away a week or so later with decent quals.

  9. Hello,
    havnt done any courses there, did however spend 3 yrs there when it was a boarding school. 86-89, The army must have spent a lot of cash on it cos when i was there it was a dump, no heating in the dorms, no curtains, no carpets just sado teachers who thought they were hard hitting young boys!!!
  10. Hello Mate, I was there too - 79 - 81. Drake division, 22.

    I must admit it made basic a walk in the park. BFT's were nothing after LAD!

    Edited as I was only ten years out! I hear that they'd made it a bit of a holiday camp in the mid eighties?
  11. Indy is alright. Would like to get up there to do my WMP when I am fixed. Did my MLT 2 years ago, had a cracking time. Instructor was sound, accommodation not too bad as transit goes and the food was ok as well.
  12. HIYA
    Life after death PT,
    Burrel and his keys passed away a few yrs ago after a heart attack!!
  13. Yoda is sadly missed. Managed to visit as a civvy a few years after and had a good chat with him and John Simpson. Are you a member of the IOBA? Pm for more details if interested.
  14. I joined when i left but i dont know if it still in date, send details pse!!!
    Raleigh 78!!!