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JSMTC Indefatigable

I'm shortly to undertake a course at JSMTC Indefatigable in North Wales and the joining instructions don't really give much of a heads up reference the facilities at the place. No mention of a gym, NAAFI, wi-fi.......

Anyone been there recently fancy giving me some info? Would be appreciated
Not sure about NAAFI facilities (I've only used the wall as a civvie) - as there is a gated compound (although its tiny - so would doubt it) next to the climbing centre but I think there is WIFI inside the climbing centre (you can buy stickies in there too). Reference a shop, there is a Waitrose about ten minutes away.

There is also a room with gym equipment (can't remember what exactly, think it was treadmills, weight machines etc) inside the climbing centre too.

sorry can't be much more help - but on he plus side, if it's a climbing course you're doing, it's a pretty good venue & the local area is stunning (if not a bit like the Island in the Wicker Man).

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