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  1. Hello to anyone who can help,
    Wish to do some AT courses. Want to do Mountain WALKING courses,not rope/absail etc. Could anyone tell me the basic basic course to start my ATmy career. I looked on Army AT web page but it was not that usefull I did not think..Any direction would be much appreciated
    The Pirate..Arrrr
  2. You would want to do MLT (Mountain Leader Trainer) first.

    Its only 'summer' but can go up to the snow line with up to 6 people.

    Do this first, it is as 'basic' as it gets.

  3. Do the army have the mountain proficiency course?, which is the most basic course the RAF have, last 5 days and is a taster for the MEL/JSMEL course. JSMEL is a great course to have, as expeds are always after leaders, so time off normal work! You will cover the basic ropework, i.e for leading people over uneven ground, and also a river crossing, which can be bloody chilly if done in Glencoe at the end of winter!
  4. My bold.

    No they don't.

    MLT is a tri-service course which covers everything you have posted.

    Done mine in Snowdonia, in july, so not too bad.
  5. Yes they do, It's called the Summer Mountaineering Proficiency (SMP) and is even easier that the MLT and is there as a introduction for the complete novice to those who have done a little bit of hillwalking.
  6. i did my MLT in sonhofen on the austrain border try to get your adventure trainging there the chicks bloody beautiful there all the skier types with know one to ride them during the summer lol
  7. My apoligies. It must be quite new then.

    However, I attended my MLT as a novice, and as long as you can Navigate, you'll be okay.
  8. If yoy need assistance contact JSMTC in Wales, your Orderly Room/ Gym Staff should be able to help you,. If in BA(G) contact the ATG(G) in Sennelager they will put you in touch with the staff at Sonthofen.
  9. Also make sure the instructors are civilian accredited so you can get the civvy mountain leader award too, Think you have still to be registered first. http://www.mlte.org/index.php
  10. great info, so MLT first. Has anyone the mil p.o.c for these fcourses?
  11. You may wish to register with your civilian MLTB for which ever bit of this land you live in as if you have 20 quality mountain days logged before your MLT and you are registered you also qualify for the civi training requirement of the Mountain Walking Leaders Certificate (Summer). To use either qualification either civi or Mil you also need a valid first aid certificate.

    As previously said MLT allows you to take up to 6 students on the hills below the snowline in an area you have visited before.

    I would do the SMP just for practice and a bit of experience.
    Our unit is lucky that we can get a lot of training through the system as our boss is a keen member of the AMA. That is another avenue to consider, assumoing your Army!