Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Scottish_Soldier, Aug 27, 2008.

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  1. It's clear that JSJET will, AGAIN, recommend that the AGC (SPS) remain on the LOWER Pay Range and NOT be upgraded to the HIGHER Pay Range.

    Should we all "Sign-Off" in protest at the pure incompetence of DSPS (A) in convincing JSJET that we merit the HIGH Pay Range?

    The Directorate are clearly not portraying our Doctrine and Jobs in the correct manner.
  2. I for one would be a bit miffed if admin/clerical people got 'tech' pay.

    Do these roles require multiple University-level educational courses as a minimum? I have spent a total of 8.5 years on Univ courses (some part-time) and all were essential for my current role.

    I think admin wallahs do a crackin' job but i honestly dont think they deserve the same pay as techies....where would the motivation and desire to attain a 'higher' role come from? I do not state this lightly, and i do not confuse Military rank into the equation. Rank is a different issue IMHO. Why should 2 Cpl's/Sgt's etc get the same pay if one has a degree essential to his role and one has not?

  3. What has a degree got to do with it? and its not "Tech Pay" niether.
  4. Because Our beloved corps is full of buffoons and willing to take it up the arrse and not fight our case , because some cnut whose with the beans counters and wants an MBE - My transfer paperwork is in, I have had enough - its fcuking garbage, I have never be so misinformed, mismanaged in my life, the AGC (SPS) is dog shat.... And My RAO is total C0CK
  5. However Mrs Crab Nurse - the issue is that Army counterparts face is far more complex JPA issues, than the static crabs.... Therefore more turbulence creating more JPA problems for AGC personnel, and its technical knowledge to troubleshoot the problems, so why shouldnt an clerk get it - which has fcuk all to do with having degree warrants a pay band... So an infantryman whom has no academic qualifications shouldnt get higher pay, is that what you saying, you wanna wake up, ..... never heard so much B0llocks in my life. You clearly need to take that thermometer out of your arse....
  6. For once Bitter and Twisted I fully concur with your retort :evil: :evil: