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Now, I'm quite sure I'm laying myself open to merciless pi$$-taking and instructions as to where to find the word 'sympathy' in the dictionary, but having just read the latest DIN on grand schemes to get us all out of SFA and into our own houses, I sent a plaintive email to JSHAO.

I was motivated more out of astonishment at the unrealistic assumptions of affordability than any real expectation of getting some practical advice, which is why I thought I'd post the content of my email on here. Once you've picked yourself up from falling over laughing, if you do have any bright ideas, do tell...

FAO Housing Advisor


I would be grateful for some advice.

I will try to keep this very simple.

I am married with 6 children. My wife cannot get a job because her earning potential is actually less than the cost of the childcare that would be necessitated by her going out to work.

My current outlay on accommodation is £384 per month and we are financially stretched to the limit. I have no source of additional income.

All of the schemes I have seen for Key Workers etc to buy would require a very significantly greater monthly outlay than we are paying at the moment. The example cited in one of your pamphlets highlights the problem. £60,000 for a 50% share of a property would be wholly insufficient. Doubling it would be more realistic. Therefore, based on your example figures my monthly accommodation outlay would be £1062. This leaves a defecit for us to find of £678.

As noted, my wife is effectively trapped by the childcare issue and as a serving officer I have no opportunity to gain additional employment that could guarantee £678 per month (and the rest, to take into account having to pay for my own repairs, etc).

We have been round and round this issue so many times and cannot see any solution.

Amongst the plethora of schemes and initiatives that you are aware of, is there any avenue we might explore, or do I have to suffer SFA for the remainder of my career and hope for a council house when I leave (and take the inevitable swingeing pay-cut that a return to civvy street would bring)?

Thanking you in anticipation.

That's it. I figure I'm not the only one out there who reckons they can't afford to buy in a million years, so if I'm wrong let me know! :oops:
Sadly with my little lot I'd probably have to pay people to take 'em off my hands. :twisted:
I am a senior mate with 3 nippers, to my astonishment we qualify for 240£ a month in tax credits as the cost of childcare is so high, have you got in touch with them? another option would be to rent it out for a couple of years! this is an option I am considering. 8)
I am due to retire shortly so I am looking into housing options. I think what you (KC) are describing is the First Time Buyers Initiative (FTBi) or maybe the Open Market Homebuy Scheme. With the key workers thingy I think that are a number of options open to you. Find the local borough council nearest to you and interrogate their website.
Been helped out recently by a group called Pilot Property Solutions run by an RAF Zob!! All sorts of options open to help us poor guys onto the property ladder. They advertise in the MOD Discounts brochure and charge very little, not like those gypseys from Blue Forces!! Worth a try. Advice will cost you nothing!!

Billy Boy :D

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