JSF helmet mounted display revealed

Lockheed Martin has begun flying the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter with the helmet-mounted display (HMD) system that will be the primary source of flight information for pilots of the stealthy combat aircraft.

Developed by Vision Systems International (VSI), the HMD was used by chief test pilot Jon Beesley for the first time last week, on the 10th test flight of the F-35. Previous sorties were flown using only head-down instruments as the F-35 is the first fighter in decades to fly without head-up display (HUD).


That looks f******* scary!
is that on the right way up?
They don't even show this much imagination when they make up the bizarre costumes for US Sci-fi shows.

Leads me to ask....WHEN were we invaded by aliens with funny shaped ears and WHY are we letting them fly our fancy new planes? :D
Very pretty.

1. What's its mass?
2. Who's going to look after it? I feel a squipper vs fairy bunfight coming on.
3. Going to be a real ballache to pick your nose while wearing that.
Wouldn't you just feel like such a co*k wearing that?
Night vision is more than likely integrated in to the visor - like on the Typhoon helmet... allegedly.
I bet it's bloody heavy. I can just see it:

Evasive action - outside loop at max G - head comes off! :bounce:
cn u txt wiv it???

Just imagine, you are starting a long mission but last night you had too much wife- beater. As you lift off you blow chunks..... think of the mess.
Where does the scrim go and will the paras get a "special" one?

I presume it also has mirroring on the inside so the crab can look at his own reflection and stare deep into his own steely blue eyes.

"I fecking love you" - "No - I love you more"
Its obviously intended to distract enemy pilots, they'll be too busy wondering how Cybermen really did take over the UK. I bet thats real gold as well!
will this stop friendly fire ? ... will it enable pilots to distinguish paint from rockets on our vehicles ? ... somehow and sadly i don't think so !
Better question - what happens when the pilot ejects with that mass on his head. As far as i know, they havn't been bale to answer that one properly yet!

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