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  1. Hello everyone I'm having trouble sleeping because I'm exited about getting the cogs turning :lol:
    Well at the minute I have no job, I was made redundant last month so since moving back in with parents have had nothing to do (apart from training) Its getting to the point that I need some cash. I have set up to claim Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) I have a meeting later today to show that i have been looking for a job :roll: Now I really don't want another full-time job so I'm looking for a weekend job. Obviously they want to make sure I'm 100% looking for a full-time job, Err if you understand where I'm going then well done, I have been keeping myself cheerful with a bottle of wine :p
    So to summerise can I claim JSA while waiting for confirmation of Army entry?
    Anyone gone through simmiler circumstances?

    Best wishes from a merry chappy

  2. Cow

    Cow LE


    From this I read that if your claiming JSA, you only stop getting paid it once you are in employment. Give them a call to clarify, I know they're not the easiest people to speak to/get information out of but they'll be able to clarify the matter.
  3. Ok thanks for that :) the tax man has had enough from me :p