JRCSC (Canada)

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Jelly_Baby, Oct 19, 2005.

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  1. Have any ARRSE members attended the JRCSC in Canada? Although we are as one in NATO I know from experience in the Balkans that the Canadians have a slightly different take on things. Any tips, info suggestions etc especially outside of the standard official joining instructions sent out would be gratefully received.

    Back to work through the mountain of distance learning assignments. Why does Canada need submarines anyway?
  2. To wind up the Americans, of course. There were some issues with USN (and presumably other) subs travelling through Canadian territorial waters, and air/surface ASW has some difficulty with the white stuff that they have on top of the sea up there...
  3. Jelly_Baby, check your PM.
  4. Canada has a very long coast line, and few ships to patrol it.

    There was/is a push for nuclear submarines, as they are best under that 'white stuff', but of course, in Canada that won't do, so the used RN non nuclear subs.
  5. RCS - it wasn't 'being Canadian' that stopped them buying SSNs - it was when they realised that they cost as much to run through life as they do to buy, and that you need your own expertise rather than relying on the UK MoD expertise that had got them through running 'O' Boats.