Quick bit of advice required if you can, ladies & gents.
I left the Army in September after 22 years, and started a real job. Trouble is that, despite frequent phone calls to Glasgow, and P46 reminders, I have still not received my P45. Phoned them 9 times; the first 6 times they swore blind they had sent it; the last 3 times they admitted they hadn't and they would stick it in the post immediately. Needless to say it didn't happen, and in the meantime I am still paying ridiculous amounts of tax because I'm on an emergency tax code. I know I will eventually get it all back, but that's not the point. My outgoings are significantly higher in civvie street and the salary is lower. I'm not actually suffering financial hardship, but I certainly notice the difference.
I seriously feel like complaining, partly for the inconvenience that they have caused me, but mainly for all the lies. Anyone have an address that I can send a letter to where my complaint will actually be effective, and not just ignored like all my phone calls? Grrrrrr!
S-N as I understand it from the RAO and the RCMO, Glasgow "is in meltdown". Don't know anymore but if I get anymore info I'll let you know. I suspect that letters are just as easy for them to ignore at the moment. Oh and welcome to the real world.
Iv'e written complaint and the address below was on thier reply letter, Bit of a mouth full though:
Service Personnel and Veterens Agency,
Centurion Building,
Grange Road,
PO13 9XA.

Tel No 02392 702444
Fax No 02392 702731

Hope this helps and good luck
Thanks fatoldblerk.
For the record, I phoned them yesterday for the 10th time; they admit they still haven't sent the P45 but cannot explain why not. Had enough of talking to inept people on the phone who have constantly lied to me, so sent them a letter by registered post instead, copy to the address you list above, FOB. Explained the history, gave them 28 days to produce the P45 or said I would inititiate legal proceedings against them.
What a sad way to end a 22 year career, having no other option but to threaten legal action on the very organisation I used to have so much respect for. All those coming up to the end of their careers, please take note of how much they care about your welfare when you leave.

PS: And once I finally get the bloody P45, perhaps I should re-direct my ire against a certain Corps that has not yet sent me my Testimonial, or once again, is that Glasgow's fault too?
Slightly Testimonial comes from JPAC but you should have been given a draft prior to leaving your unit although it's doubtful they would have known this in Summer of 07! Jockster
SN, email the SPVA Customer Care (which must be one of HMF's greatest jokes) Team. They are remitted to acknowledge within 2 days and reply within 20 working days.
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