JPAC - what a bunch of tossers

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by AFA06, May 26, 2010.

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  1. I telephoned JPAC today to enquire how my LSAP application is progressing as my house purchase if now fully complete, at the contract exchange phase except for LSAP confirmation from JPAC.

    I got this totally disinterested Scottish bloke called Dave who just said, 'It is being worked on'. Naturally I wanted a little more than this, such as at what stage they were at for replying or maybe just a date they would answer my solicitor's letter so I could inform the people selling the house etc. I was told that he couldn't tell me, I asked who could and was told no-one.

    I asked for a telephone number for the LSAP dept - no you cannot ring, email? No you cannot email them. Address? No you cannot write.

    Guessing I was getting no-where I asked for Dave's supervisor. After his initial reluctance to pass me on, Dave eventually transferred me to William. William sounded slightly less bored and disinterested but gave me exactly the same replies.

    What is this department within JPAC that will not tell you how they are getting on, will not keep you updated on applications and will allow absolutely no contact?

    Personally I was disgusted with the attitude of these Scottish civies toward a serving soldier just trying to chase up a simple request with a dept within their organisation.

    Has anyone else come across this or know how I can get a quick update from them?
  2. Don't get me started on anybody who works up the Glasgow way.
  3. Are you under the completely misguided illusion that you somehow deserve special treatment for being a soldier??

    Get a grip. You are just a guy on a phone and if your attitude on here is anything to go by it's no wonder they fucked you off.
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  4. how did he come across as having a bad attitude? enlighten us please
  5. It's sadly the way of the world,with banks, the local councils,and just about every call centre, now you cannot go and see these people face to face they just dont give a crap

  6. REMFQ,

    You have heard the saying about the Pot and Kettle haven't you? :D
  7. Arrse is different from real life. I have never considered in my "offline" persona that civvies owe me special respect for doing this job.

    It's just a job and let's face it, if we were not paid none of us would do it.
  8. Because it is their fucking job.

    "Joint Personnel Administration Centre acts as first point of contact for any query from serving personnel"

    He asked a question and like so many others got fucked off at high port with no way to get an answer to his question.
  9. Anyone who has worked at MCM Div will tell you that the civvies that work there are disinterested and really dont give a shite.

    Email the complaints section, complain that you needed to know the info ASAP but the response you received from Dave and his boyfriend were totally unacceptable, you get a fast reply from a serving SNCO and the info you need, even if it is the same info at least your displeasure at the service received will be noted.
  10. Totally agree, i had the same problems, even though i gave JPAC months and months of notice, my house nearly fell through because JPAC had a 10 week delay!!!!! At the time most houses where being sold in 4-5 weeks.

    Also i don't see the problem with the original posters tone. If you follow JPAC's guidelines etc then still get fobbed off.
  11. REMFQ,

    The OP was understandably annoyed that he requested a status update on his LSAP and was not getting a satisfactory answer. It may be the case that individuals are not allowed to contact the department directly, but, at the very least the Helpline operator should have passed on the request for an update to the relevant department. If the Helpline staff are not there to answer queries, why have them?

    If you phoned a Bank with a question regarding the status of a mortgage application, would you accept an answer of "Its being dealt with and you just have to wait"?

    I do agree that the "Serving Soldier" comment is over the top, given that the vast majority of those contacting JPAC are serving.

  12. Ring em again, ask to raise an iSupport, and take the following information:

    Name of Helpdesk Operator
    DTG of call
    Call reference/iSupport reference

    Wait 5 days - ring back quoting the above if you've had no reply. They'll escalate it and you should get some groveliing shite from Centurion (the LSAP section) onto you asap.

    The Helpdesk operators are mainly students and bums recruited short term and are on about 8k a year - it's no wonder so they're so miserable.

    Good luck.
  13. What I meant to convey in my post was that I was a serving soldier - telephoning a department that is contracted to work for the MOD and that is meant to deal with serving soldiers, is paid to do so and I was not getting that help. It seems that everyone else apart from you understood the post.

    I really do not know who or what you are but your posts on here are constantly self opinionated, insulting and to be honest, totally unwarranted.
  14. I thought REMF was being ironic, but then again I have not read any of his posts. If being ironic then not that funny, if being serious then clearly a co*k.