JPAC PACCs Responsibilities

I have recently submitted 2 seperate cases to the JPAC PACC and the have returned the cases requesting that I do all the workings out and they will make the decision. In one case they want me to provide an SPs T&Cs of employment and also the pay scales for the years in question (are they not the SMEs?).

The other case they have requested all the dates that food charges were debited back to 2000 for one SP, obviously I cannot provide them with these dates as its pre JPA.

Where exactly do they get off and what are their responsibilities? Also why do they insist on sending hard copy letters when I emailed the cases in the first places?

Anyone work in JPAC here?
BarryBuddon said:
Anyone work in JPAC here?
if they do, expect the cookie cutter response of "contact unit HR"
Get the soldier to give you the information, he can get all his pay statements on ArmyNet - I know it was not the answer that you were after, but I would suggest that at least if you do the work the figures should be correct :D

you're missing the whole point.

The point of JPA was to make claims and pay so vague that nobody really understood what it's all about and therefore savings would be made (almost 100% success).

The fact that you asked a question in the first place is stretching the resources of JPAC who's main reason for being is to hurl verbal and e-mailed smoke grenades at difficult people like you who dare to step outside the matrix!

Do the easy thing mate and roll over and embrace the change!

Well, honestly, what on earth did you expect?

Try speaking to your SPS Bde HQ, they normally keep rates for a good few years, aside of that, I douubt anyone on ARRSE has 9 years of rates.

*EDIT - how do you know something is wrong worthy of raising said I-Support if you don't have paystatments to see something is wrong in the first place?
paywog said:
Sad I Know but I have pay rates going back a good few years at work - what years do you need??

The first case requires rates going back 3 years, I have those but the other case requires the Single Food Charge and Married Unacc Food Charge rates back until 2002.

The point I was getting at was that they now expect myself to do the calculations and donkey work and they make the decision/judgement, They want me to do this whilst administering a unit going through the RIP from H9. If I'm doing their jobs whose doing mine!

In one case they want the rank's Terms and conditions of service!!! They obviously do no have one iota of what they are on about!

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