Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by trojan1, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. Was just woundering as JPA is now on line, has any units actually got the PCs in place for the individual to be able to use the system?
  2. Got the computers but no pass words.
  3. All of my AGC types were issued passwords yesterday and are now having a play.
  4. Individuals will not be able to Self Serve until later on in the year as DII is still an issue, in the mean time Unit HR (Clerks) will continue to work on JPA by proxy on the soldiers behalf. Tri Service units will be going Self Service in May as their IT infrastructure is already in place with the other 2 services on line already.
  5. LJS,

    Depends where you are. My (Regular Army) unit has enough DII/C infra to allow us to issue JPA passwords to all individuals for them to start 'self-serving'. This will be taking place in May.
  6. Yep, clearly if you have the Infra this would not be an issue.
  7. We have DII A, but not F..which is the main one apparently?
  8. What is the difference between DII A and F. I know we have LCSS(R) at my place but I do not know if it is DII?

    Can anyone advise?
  9. DII stuff has a sticker on it saying DII ASSSET ;d

    DII F is the self service terminals I think, DII A is what I have to play with the pay and stuff on (I think!)
  10. Don't sweat about it, you'll be able to access JPA from any of the 243 networks the MOD currently have (As long as you have an account for one of them). DII(F) is just the newest version that will eventually replace all the legacy systems. As long as the network connects to the RLI which LCSS(R) does as does DII(C) TAFMIS, CASH, NavyNet, ESair, Crimes, DAWN, FOXNET, AshLAN.................................
    Oh and there are only two flavours of DII (C) which stands for Convergence or C**p depending on if you work for DCSA or not. (F) stands for Future or F**ked and a third version due for increment 3 is DII(CF) or Completely F**ked but this will depend on which DCSA senior officer decides he wants a cushy consultancy job with EDS:)
  11. You missed of DII(FD)

    or we could call it RLI, those acronyms cost money
  12. You are of course correct Polar

    TLA BS
  13. Wonder what DII I've got then? Its a nice shiny black Dell thing kindly provided by EMS..

  14. Assuming that my account has been activated and that I have been issued my password and logon and I can find a PC that has been alledgedly allocated as a JPA terminal - someone putting a stand-alone in the cookhouse and writing 'JPA' on the monitor casing in black marker pen does not classify as JPA terminal - no really, about 30 guys have tried to get it to do the JPA thing, only to be rewarded with Solitaire.

    When in fact, do I, (and more importantly, my guys), get to actually submit claims/change details?

    Is it when we overthrow the regime and liberate the bourgeois proletariat from the restraints of the oppressive state machine??

    Right on Brothers!
  15. From the 2nd week of May UCTs will start to hand out passwords to individuals and should help them to log in to JPA.