Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Acid_Tin, Apr 23, 2004.

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  1. With the onset of JPA and giving the serving soldier access to all his/her personal records and making them responsible for updating them, where in the grand scheme of things do the people that currently do that job in a unit fit in, i.e. what will become of the AGC(SPS)?
  2. Just because the soldier can access his records doesn't mean to say that he'll sudenly be paid correctly; Glasgow will continue to f*ck up pay and allowances, and the AGC will continue to pick up the pieces.
  3. Good post VB! :D

    I don't think anyone seriously expects JPA to do away with the SPS branch - I fully expect their workload to increase dramatically with the onset of JPA. As soon as I hear the phrase 'streamlining' I automatically think 'extra work for some fecker!' :D
  4. oh goody, as long as I have MORE work to do, who am I to complain?

    Bring it on!!
  5. Bet you JPA will be funded by reductions in admin posts.
  6. Geeky question - but is JPA an application that will reside on current networks, ie, CASH, LAND CSSR, UNICOM, SAMA (Crab system)??

    Oracle HRMS is a highly skilled area demanding big dosh outside, who will do it for us, SPS? Also, who will administer it technically?
  8. Thanks TSW,

    I read the leaflet however it is unclear for my question. Will DII do all support for it with 1 big ORACLE DB sitting in worthy down or will they have them out on the ground. I know that DII will not reach all of the MOD for a long time so I guess that other bearer systems will be used.

    My main question is who will administer it locally, the regional DII field technician?
  9. I suspect that 'ownership' will be largely de-centralised, with a large central DB - much as you suggest! :D

    JPA should allow units to exercise a greater degree of control over these essential G1 (J1?) issues, notwithstanding the enduring ability of personnel to access their own details in some way.

    Possibly we would be looking at JPA reps within G1 Branch at Fmn HQs? There needs to be an element of control, for auditing purposes if nothing else!

    B - Thanks for your thoughts! :D
  10. Quite sadly, I happen to know a bit about JPA.

    The system is indeed coming in on the back of DII, in fact JPA is one of the primary driving forces behind DII.

    On current timelines, JPA goes live for the RAF next year, RN early 06 and Army about Oct 06 - so at least the other services get to test it all out first and hopefully identify and resolve any problems before the largest service go onto it.

    And why is JPA getting the go ahead - because it can be shown to provide big savings compared to the cost of implementation. Savings which you can bet your life don't just come from shutting down the old legacy systems, but manpower savings as well.

    Anyone for redundancy :?:
  11. How different is it to SAMA? I presume the RAF are going onto it first because they are already on RLI and they can just upgrade the Oracle DB's that SAMA uses.

    I just hope they (EDS?) have moved on from COBOL.
  12. On-Line pay statements and claims maybe? Equals death to the pay office as we know it!!!
  13. That i doubt BS. It will probably mean an evolution of the pay office into a more technically minded and professional outfit. When the system throws a track, which it will, where are you going? The pay office - the people within will need the skills to understand your query and respond and sort it out. That can only be a good thing!!
  14. The Pay Office at this stage will be a telephone call centre, where you can dial '1' for food and accommodation charges, '2' for disturbance allowance etc etc.

    I suspect that the AGC and other two service equivalents will be heavily 'streamlined' in order to realise the anticipated cost benefits of JPA.

    Make a change for the AGC to be streamlined rather than rotund!