JPA yet again!!!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Oct 9, 2007.

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  1. Who else has had their travel (HTD) deducted from their pay, I've had £300 quid wrongly taken off me. It beggers belief this system has been nominated for an award by the computing magazine.

    Finally got a logon today, tried to put in a claim. Haven't because the help was absolutely pathetic, me - try looking for MMA, JPA - please look at JSP 1234 which I couldn't because the TANET account was tied to JPA only.
  2. Well on the bright side, claims of up to £2000 don't need to be authorised by anyone... or so I was told by the PSAO who had posed the question to the RAO. Claims are also paid PDQ.
  3. £2000? Yeah right, try £250. And even then you'll find (funnily) enough for below that you'll nearly always get an audit ;)
  4. what really kicks a stink polar

    i haven not been paid travel since may

    and now had £220 taken off me as well its ******* poo
  5. or put another way we've been paying £10-20 to attend training event.
  6. And strangely enough...I had IE claims rejected because I hadn't claimed enough!!

    The whole system is a shambles. Yes, it would be wonderful IF it worked as advertised, but it clearly does not, and heads should roll....

    Why dont the people who produced it set their bonuses aside to use as a compensation fund for those who've suffered as a direct result of JPA not working...?
  7. I didnt train in august or september yet my payslip shows me in a negative figure. how the fcuk does that work??? If this was a civvie organisation heads would role!!
  8. I haven't been piad correctly either, for the last 3 months all my pay has been taken off me, ie I earn £135 but my reductions are £135 , I imagine I have had an over issue that didn't manage to make it to my pay slip
  9. well ive had no issues with making claims on jpa.( ive had issues with pay, i got payed a whole month just over 2 grand which ive only just paid back)i claimed for 370 mile round trip to go on a course and £5 a day incidental expenses, which we are now allowed to claim for if you are training away from your home base for more than 10 days(psao is seeing if we can claim it for attending annual camp). claim came to around £160, and was in the bank 2 days later i was well impressed.
  10. You will not be paid IE for annual camp as it is classed as Field Conditions and is therefore outside the scope. I asked the question of SPS a few months ago and I got the official answer through the other day. Your PSAO should have the directed letter which stipulates this.
  11. Polar possibly this may have happened?

    (extracts from email from bde)

    "...certain Units are deleting the element entry 'HDT Reservist'. Under no circumstances are Units to delete this element entry, the effect of deleting this element will result in all HDT paid to the individual for the period 01 Apr - 31 Jul 07 being deducted from his /her pay account. Units should not confuse this element entry with ' HDT Reservist Detail ' which affects payment of HDT from 01 Aug 07..."
  12. Which is fair enough, since a lot of TA lads will see IE as making up for PAYD. But, what happens if you attend a camp, weekend or course on a PAYD camp where you spend time in the field but Field Conditions has not been declared?

    A bit of an extermine point but I'd like to clarify this asap, rather btahn spend another 6 months arguing the toss!
  13. cheers mongoose
  14. Go confront your hr staff and ask if they did this, then ask them to personally reimburse you! ;)