JPA - Worried yet?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by PompeySailor, Mar 28, 2006.

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  1. Just seen the RAF report on the first week of JPA, and it does not make good reading.

    The Help Centre seems to have some problems, in that it is not very helpful and the staff appear untrained, they are not making their targets.

    Responsibilities and Roles. A total shower it appears. Wrong roles have been assigned, permissions are all over the place, which means that overall system security and durability are brought into serious question.

    System performance is poor, even with very limited numbers. No user-load testing then?

    Built in reports - allegedly they are in there, but the users are still trying to find them! Workaround Number 1 is incoming....

    Report of a report which took 2 hours to build and then generated a "Null" response! Lots of data missing from some reports, too much returned on others.

    Data migration - slow and incorrect.

    User Training - not completed and work backing up daily.

    Posting and Allocations - withdrawn from use until JPA fix roles.

    System confidence is at a level you would therefore expect!

    RAF are glad that they kept legacy systems on a "just in case" basis.

    Are we watching and learning?
  2. With luck 8O the Crabs will have all the problems, then the Navy can deal with the second tranche of problems, so that when it eventually arrives in the Army it will run a little better.

    Not holding my breath though :!:
  3. msr

    msr LE


    Sadly, by the time it arrives for the army, the whole system will be drowning in its own complexity to such a level that it will be a miracle if it works at all.

  4. Fair point - Back to paper then?
  5. I always understood that one of the golden rules for introducing complex IT systems in civvy street - you know, the place where people are held accountable for screwing up such things - is never ever ever ever adopt a "big bang" approach. Run both systems side by side for a while, iron out the bugs (for a full scale deployment will always throw up problems the pilot never had) then transfer over gradually bit by bit. Particularly for pay systems where employers get nailed to the wall if they screw it up. Civvy employers that is.
  6. We had a load of Hardware installed for the rollout of JPA and our computers crashed for nearly a fortnight. Co-incidence? Possibly.

    My main concern is how this will affect the TA (being a stab after all). The RAF Auxillery are having some dramas with regards to how a unit does all of their admin on a single terminal.

    Echoing Legs's comments, hopefully the Crab and Navy reserves will solve these problems before they hit a drill hall near me.
  7. While I'm ranting on ... I'd echo the point about the TA. Some units may start every weekend at the drill hall with enough spare time for everyone to log on. Mine doesn't. If we start to lose training time to an IT system too inflexible to cope with the user or start to get paid late then it's yet another thing to suck the job satisfaction out of the TA. And no job satisfaction = no soldiers.

    I mean, do I really have to travel down to London from the Midlands to the TAC to enter my expenses from the weekend held in another part of the country ? I already have to do this for a medical thanks to the jobsworths running the Bn, but that's only every few years.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Dons kevlar kecks

    The problem is that they are trying to computerise a system of pay and allowances which is already so complicated that no-one fully understands it. See the letters page of Soldier magazine....

    They should have hacked back the entire eco-system of army pay and allowances then computerised the simplified version.

  9. Wasn't that the plan with Pay 2000? ...and look what happened there!
  10. a. Pompey, can you do a link to that report?

    b. It would be nice if a tame lite blue came on to give us their take on how it is going.
  11. a. Er, no. The distribution is fairly limited, although it carries no caveats. It has one x RN and one x Army on the dist, both of which are within the JPA world. I could cut and paste, but I don't want to drop too many people in it (or exclude us from seeing future reports!).

    b. I think all the light blue are either on leave or are trying to persuade a
    JPA terminal near them to function as they were promised it would...!

    As it stands now (I believe), the rule and regs are being phased in based on roll-out dates - which means that they RAF may be entitled to allowances that we are not, and that we will be entitled to some allowances before the Army. Interesting, niet?
  12. msr

    msr LE

  13. It doesn't matter that they kept their legacy system in place, it will now be out of date and if they tried to use it they would presumably have to dump the data set on JPA and then re-transition and I don't think that is going to happen.

    What have the light blue been told about their next month's pay run? Any little problems in the woodwork?
  14. They are running on a restricted group (which makes the response time more worrying) - I don't think they are panicking about next month's pay. When we computerised (and even now) there are still backup tapes which contain a basic 30-day drawing rate which can be used in case of total failures.

    The RAF are definitely still using data from OCMIS and PACMIS to check and verify JPA information - they state that they would not have been able to carry out this work if they had not retained these systems.

    Reference is RAF Personnel Management Agency Feeback Report 01/06 Week Ending 24 Mar 06 if you can try and dig up a copy.....
  15. No, I am not too worried (as lite blue job) but apart form the odd rumour and this thread we have been told nothing....positive or negative.

    The reason for my attitude is that as soon as someone lets me loose on the system, the first thing I am going to do is a full audit of my details to check they are correct. According to the briefing I will be able to test and adjust much the information like bank details.

    Common sense says you should have some money stashed somewhere (at least a months net Salary) so I’m alright Jack!

    JPA has got be better than the current situation, no admin support……..for the past two weeks and no end in sight.

    The funny thing is that the migration from SAMA to JPA proves that much of the electronic data is inaccurate on the legacy system. So clearly the clerks 'fat fingers' have been very busy for years.