JPA Woes

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cpt_Darling, May 7, 2008.

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  1. After finally getting onto the JPA system after 9 months of not getting paid, I have now not been paid since December.Including bounty and travel expenses I'm now owed over £2000.I got a pay slip in saying I had been paid £600 on 1st May, but nothing is in my account.

    Basically any advice on what I should do?I've tried taking this up the CoC but they just say "It's JPA", and nothing further.

    I'm a student, I'm poor enough as it is!
  2. What do you mean by CofC?

    Section Commander?, Platoon Commander?, Coy Commander?, Adjutant, CO? what/who?
  3. Plt Commander, referred me to the Adj. That was in Feb, went to the CO late March, still no word.
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Write to him again.

  5. yeah, write to him and mention that this is the second time you have brought it up and still nothign has been done

    explain the situation

    my bounty/pay was completly buggered up this month, i owe them about 1k now for some reason (see bounty thread)

    there is a 3rd part who makes sure things are correct (works for the FSA). You could ask the ADJ for his/her contact details?

    i phoned our one and he agreed that somehting had gone tits up and that if it wasnt sorted by the end of May he could write me a cheque for the sum that i was owed
  6. Why are these Officers beginning contacted, have you spoken with the wage clerk/ admin office?

    Failing that I civil a civil action coming on, threaten that, that`ll get them to sit up & take notice....£2000 is a lot of money to anyone, let alone a student!!!!!
  7. Why are you taking this up with your CofC, surely this is a matter for your admin office/pay clerk.

    Threaten them with civil action if they don`t sort it. £2000 is a lot of money for anyone let alone a student!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I phoned the boss last week, explained the situation to him again.Our admin guy has been out on Ops, he is on POTL at the moment.If I want to pursue a career in the Forces after university, the last thing I want to do is bring up a civil action!:D
  9. why?

    you did a job and they havnt paid you for it?

    i wouldnt do my day job if they used the same cowboy tactics
  10. What do you mean why?How do you think it would look if I rocked up to RCB with "has sued the MoD" on my CV?
  11. Im owed all money from April last year upto the present and hopefully it will appear next month. Fingers crossed anyway.

  12. Have you looked at the bank details on the pay statement?
  13. And? Are they correct?

    If so I would suggest you take a copy of your bank statement for the period to your RAO for a start.
  14. Have you checked you bank details are correct on JPA and that you have nominated it for pay. If you are getting payslips (even one) it means money is being transferred via BACs. If you haven't got off your rear end and confirmed that JPA is using your current account don't expect anyone else to bother running after you. Then go onto army net and look at your last run of payslips. Hold your cheque book up and read the numbers confirming each one is correct. Then speak to the grown up who manages your pay (PSAO/ FSA/ RAO) the adjt does not. Follow that with a formal letter. Allow the letter to have 10 working days for an action. If nothing happens pm me and I'll look up the next course of action for you. Obviously as you have taken 9 months to get this far the money is not that important to you