JPA - What have you heard??

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by shiny_arse, Jan 27, 2006.

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  1. Mods - Apologies if already threaded somewhere. I figured that this was the most suitable area.

    Right first up I make no apologies for being a blue suit in amongst the green types, I have found several items that have been discussed here that has been of interest and of use. Being a shiny arrse we are currently in the process of having JPA rammed down our throats by the hierarchy who are all now panicking as the roll out date is fast approaching. As each day passes another morsel of information is presented which makes us all despair that the powers that be must have stock invested in the company that is developing the new software. Additionally all my less talented colleagues (non admin bods) are receiving a almighty kick up the backside by discovering exactly what JPA is going to do for them. So in light of the fact that we are paving the way forward, just how much information is getting passed onto the AGC (and Navy) with regards to JPA and what is your views on the whole damn thing. Over to you.
  2. God!

    If u dont know who does?
  3. JPA
    An acknowledgement that the AGC has failed.
    RAOC Staff clerks = good,
    All Arms Clerks ( who know the individual needs of their particular Corps, Regt or Btn) = good, RAPC Sgts (although jumped up sprogs) knew the needs of their soldiers and the soldiers had a personal relationship with their own Pay Sgt = good.
    The undermanned, no identity, over worked and posted just as soon as they get a grasp on a job AGC = Bad.
    Hence JPA
    Just like the demise of the BMH's and the unwieldy giant that is the RLC, seemed like a good idea at the time!!!!
    I now await the frothy mouthed responses
  4. I try not to disagree with accurate summaries!

  5. Frothy mouthed responses? Nope the only froth here is the one I have just blown off the top of this cold frosty beer that I am raising to your rather succint rant 8)

    Oh PS. Good luck with it all the senior service. I shall more than likely be pensioned off before it is implememented in the army if it comes in on the same time sclae as Bowman (and Clansman come to think of it - we were still using Larkspur well into the late 80's) :?
  6. As a Clk in Green working with those in Blue Suits, I as others alike, am on the outside looking in and laughing at their misfortune. However, as they say "He who laughs last, laughs longest" and so the Blue suitors will!!!
    Having spoken to a fair few colleagues that aren't in the fortunate (unfortunate depending on how you look at it!!) position of working with the Crabs, there appears to be very limited info being passed down the AGC Chain of Comd. Why is that, is it because the Army are still sceptical of JPA and want to know how it is or isn't going to work before they commit (although a little too late now; I think!)? Anyway, as many of you are probably aware, things are gonna change (those with pips and crowns say for the better (now can I be promoted or least convert to Reg C)) and maybe not for the better. What exactly will we do in our new roles as 'HR professionals', I wonder if we will be eligible for any Civi HR Qual, probably not, has anyone actually even thought about it? Currently all I will say is that I would advise all AGC to promote JPA and how it will change the way in which the Army will conduct administrative business and source as much info and literature as you can to convert those who do not like/accept change, because change it will!!!!!!!
  7. I have heard it doesn't work yet .....anyone heard anything different ?
  8. Its dosen't work, thats a bit of an understatement! Roll out date slipped by several months for the crabs, and the associated knock on effect for everyone else. I'm sure there is an AGC Pte somewhere who will be RSM before JPA works 'As it said on the tin'
  9. So who will take odds that the roll out is postponed 'till March 07, ...... any takers?
  10. Interesting that JPA is being used to cover a change in allowances - some of which are going to make the Army worse off. Don't know all the details but perhaps an AGC guru can enlighten us?
  11. Slip to September at least for the Dark Blue now. Not sure how this will affect the new JPA-introduced allowances. To be honest, I can't see how one Service can bring it in when the whole project is slipping to the right - I pity the RAF getting what is obviously going to be a defective product. Best tip - start keeping back 20% of your wage packet, because you might need it to "tide you over" until they work out a way of paying you properly!
  12. As one who was a Clerk before the AGC Nightmare was thrust upon us - I agree 100%. How can you become an expert if you don't have time to accumulate the the expertise?
  13. Happy to go 10-1 we don't see it start rolling out to the Army until Sept 07 with the TA mid 09?
  14. No slipagge of the Army Roll Out date, they have simply concertined the time frame we have to "Go Live". RAF will decide on 27 Feb. As fpr allowances, 70% will all merge on 1 Apr (no coincidence!!) and from then on will all be "joint". Final point is that all pay wef 1 Apr will be paid in 12 equal monthly amounts (ie not daily as now) so Feb 07 will be the same as Jan and Mar 07.
  15. Not quite right Outstanding, there can be no move to annual pay until we are on JPA as the legacy systems are only programmed for DROP. Baldrick, the TA have to go live at the same time as the Regulars for the same reasons.