JPA - What exactly can the TA fairly claim.....

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Lumpy, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. Righto....

    Having to submit expenses for missed meals every month or so, 'cos of the duties I perform, and have seen that incidental expenses can be claimed at the rate of up to 5 quid a day in UK and 10 quid overseas.

    Now...the problem I have is this - Am I wasting my time even filling in a form to claim these incidental expenses and will be fcuked off at the earliest opportunity because of being TA, or is it something that in these 'One Army' days will be encouraged....

    So - If annual camp is in the US for example, would I claim up to 10 quid a day as I'm overseas, or up to 5 quid, as I'm UK based....?

    I also know that I dont need receipts if I can claim this, but do I need to list every expense seperately, or can I just enter a figure and state its incidental expenses.....

    (Having to submit all claims on paper at the minute, as JPA isnt up and fully running...)
  2. JSP 752

    Available on DII
  3. Annual camp is normally classed as field conditions so ie is not claimable!
  4. annual camp in the US is out, but what about when I've covered ceremonial events in both the UK and Europe?
  5. Slap in your 1771, claim what you are entitled to. Speak to your Pay NCO and ask them to check the pay manual.

    I would always check my blokes forms and amend as required. don't forget, allowances are set at different rates for Offrs and OR's etc, just as they are for travel etc.

    Hope this helps
  6. 1771? You mean JPA 15 or whatever its called now ;)
  7. Cheers OC....

    Problem being, I cant get a definate answer on what I'm entitled to from the unit....

    Should I stick in a claim for IE for my times away from home, and risk having it thrown back at me, or am I actually able to claim it and should submit it then insist its paid....

    Its not that long ago that we were told we couldnt claim for meals when travelling between duty stations and there were no duty facilities available, and a load of us ended up hugely out of pocket because we didnt keep receipts...

  8. So what about courses...drill and others? :? Claim or no claim?
  9. Ok...for arguments sake....

    If I attended a drill course over 2 weeks, a BCDT course over 2 weekends, worked a couple of military events in London for 3 weeks at a time, and spent 2 weeks with our sister squadron in Germany, which of these could I claim IE for. I already realise that annual camp is out, as though I lived in the Mess, and paid subs/extra messing, it would have been classed as field conditions....
  10. OK, I have quoted you so i can try and help in each sectiion.

    Battlefield Casualty Drills Trainer - As a SNCO (If you are NCO below different rules applied) you were hosted by the Mess, but do not pay Mess ssubscriptions, as these are paid at your home Unit. If there is no Mil Accom available you are entitled to claim OOB Expenses. Rates depend on Reg\Ta Married\Single.

    Drill Course Through MAT Regs - QR's and TA Regs you are allowed to claim for boot polish x£ per year. If you need essential extra kit for your course, that is required but not issued by the Army, you can claim for this also(can't remember the para, but it is in MAT regs, don't let the QM staff put you off) but, at the end of the course, the equipment must be handed into the stores for your future use (except band eqipment which is used for practice) and used only for the benefit of future candidates or yourself.

    Working in London? Depends what you were doing, how you were employed etc. Example, a soldier "volunteers" to wait on a Mess Function, officially, the hosting Mess should pay the soldier, if they throw in booze food then that is a bonus. You cannot claim for these as far as i recollect.

    Sister Unit on Excercise: Exercises are non claimable, unless, check if these have changed, you have missed meals be cause no "rations" or "feeding stations" are available. If you are provided with a "Rat Pack" you have a meal.

    IE: Depends, as i said earlier, on your circumstances. If there is no Mil transport to get you from station to barracks you can claim the fare back(official receipt needed), however, if there is a duty driver, and you decide not to wait for him because he has other drops, then you pay.

    Newspapers to keep you up on current events??? Course requirement!

    If there are no clothe washing facilities where (on base) you train, then you can claim these expences back. The list can go on forever.

    If need be PM me OC.

    My knowledge is old, but the regs tend to stay the same.