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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Himey, May 29, 2007.

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  1. Any AGC (SPS) TA around that are being allowed to do HR Administrators course? Looking forward to the civilian staff coming in on weekends to help TA use the system !!!!! (NOT).
    Looks like the only area left for us to do is recruit paperwork, only because nobody else wants to do it.
    Seriously though a little concerned what they are going to use us for in the future, run the bar or canteen on camp seems to be favourite. No more pay parades just push out unit orders that nobody reads.
  2. Have you access to your civvie terminals on the weekends? Do you have your own log in. If so, you can access the JPA site and teach yourself online. If you PM me I can send you various crib sheets/Links etc to give you an Idea.
  3. Is it that much of a change from UNICOM terminals that you didn't get access to either?

    UNICOM out of barracks never actually made it out of barracks, despite our RAOWO pushing for the training.

    It's time SPS decided what they want from the TA clerks. From chatting with guys who were specialists at Worthy Down, (before the cull) most of their two weeks seemed to be spent doing all the filing that the Regular units they attached to never got around to doing.
  4. Surely this serves your right for joining the TA as a Clerk?
  5. I can never understand why people do that :?

    Why would anyone join as a part time soldier only to end up shuffling paper for 2hrs a week and some weekends????

  6. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Perhaps it's a nice change of pace from their day job as stuntmen. :wink:
  7. i used to be a TA clerk, i did pish all... weekends were always ok though... i made a good enemy!!
  8. Did 22 year regulars as a tankie, and did my last 2 years as a PSI at a TA Centre doing TA Pay sheets and admin. (NO AO/EO when TA in)

    Was asked to join a TA Unit because I had knowledge of TA Administration that was not known by the staff there. Used to work well paying soldiers in cash at camp and getting people home, by the quickest possible means after a compassionate problems at home, etc, etc. Shuffling paper was required but hell to play when you didn't (shuffle paper) and the TA soldier lost out on one thing or another.

    But now, with the introduction of JPA (when) all this will be done by the individual !!!!!!.

    I think it maybe when things don't happen things may change again......
  9. Same thing though, why would someone want to join as a cook? A driver? To play with radios?
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Well that's the RLC slagged off (twice) and R SIGNALS - anyone else you would like to have a pop at ;)

  11. Eh? leave radios out of it. But you show ur age, Sigs is now about computers
  12. Sixty

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    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Slagged us off three times if you include Driver/RadOp.
  13. Its ok my sig sqn is taking that job off you
  14. No offence intended but surely you know what I mean :]