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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by bluebells, Apr 9, 2008.

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  1. Hopefully someone out there can help me. I am trying to internally move people within my unit to try and make JPA reflect reality on the ground. Using Unit Career Manager looks to be the way ahead and I am using the internal move drop down option. The problem is that either the system hangs when I select an individual and hit the action key or it goes all the way through and I get a workflow saying that the internal move is invalid.

    Any one else had this problem and what is the work around?
  2. Are you in a Reg or TA unit? If Reg you should not be doing this at all this should be done via the respective Career Manager at Glasgow. If TA you should have a Regimental policy in place eg I do all of my Regt's movements between positions as "Career Manager" not "Unit Career Manager"

  3. Absou Fecking Loutly, stay away from this if your unit is Regular, this PID type move should most definatly be done by CM, however fecked up your establishment is, otherwise you will find that you can do feck all on the individual that you have been playing around with, and it's a right bastard nightmare to sort out after the event, I speak from personal experience.
  4. PW, yes I am at a Regular unit. The problem that I face is that about 40% of the unit are in the wrong job positions on JPA. The job titles are correct and JPA has been populated with the corresponding job descriptions from the old jobspecs. Whilst we have been able to work around for workflows by re assigning them, I am really worried about the SJARs starting with the WOs in Jun. Basically if the WOs are not in the correct JPA slot then when the SJARs are raised it will populate them with the wrong job responsibilities.
    Whilst some of this problem has been caused by internal moves, the majority of the problem stems from the promulgation of our new establishment which incorrectly mapped the establishment PUIDs number to the existing JPA PIDs.

    LongJohn, whilst I hear you advice what was the point of creating a function of Unit Career Manager with a Change Assignment Mngr utility. Surely this function was put into JPA to enable COs to have the flexibility to internally move there staff around.

    The really frustrating thing is that it appears to work, offering me a summary screen of the changes that I would like to make, but then returns a workflow to say. ‘The Local Move you have submitted is invalid for the following reason(s): Local Move results in a shortfall of Essential Competences’
  5. Bluebells,

    Check your PMs

  6. PW, thanks for the PM.

    I agree that Unit Career Manager does not appear to work for me and I am looking at other options; basically trying to get MCM to make the changes.

    Has anyone successfully used UCM or is it like lots of the JPA functionality which does not function?
  7. A glitch in the system (lol, like so many others) provided units with this facility, a facility which does not work for units, you are doing the right thing, engage career managers to sort PID's, frustrating I know (cos they take so long), but that is the ONLY way that you can sort out your establishment properly, and it's their job, assignment orders, correct move and track and arrivals process, is the only way, that I can see, that the system will work, after which, check their SOE (Pay Statement under Pay Roll Process (Run)) cos their allowances will stop by default.

    Good Luck