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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by at_ease, Mar 12, 2007.

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  1. With the imminent start of JPA for the army this might be an idea for some tips on how to improve your use of the system.

    1. MEMORABLE DATA (MD). This is required if you forget your password. Currently there are about 50 resets each day where the MD has not been set or is invalid. There is only one rule you need to follow when setting your MD. MAKE SURE IT IS AT LEAST 8 CHARACTERS LONG otherwise it wont work when you need a password reset. This might mean you have to ignore the hint question e.g. mothers maiden name 'JONES', favouite car 'Mini' , would both be invalid. :elephant:

    Memorable Data Reminder
  2. I went to get the JPA tutorial CD today and they have been withdrawn due to a clitch. Fkin great planning
  3. dev, you can access the training packages via armynet.
  4. Oh and you'll be pleased to know that the password is NOT case sensitive....
  5. 8 characters long.... let me think of something memorable with 8 characters.... i take it that alot of regi numbers will be submitted! :)
  6. "myricker" is only 8 characters.

    Just a thought.
  7. Devex, that's the second time that has happened. The package on Armynet is out of date too!
  8. wasn't aware of that option, many thanks
  9. That's a clever trick, since EVERY SINGLE O/S in the world depends on case senstive passwords, along with about 99.999% of user accessed software like,...Ohh, I don't know...Hotmail perhaps.

    How the f**k did they manage that one.....? Ohh wait I've got an idea, was it cos they were cheap?
  10. New version is 2.1 and has a black and white cover. I've been told that it will be sent out on 20 Mar.
  11. Don't bother with the turorial. A single test (according to the initiators od this simple-to-use system) which confirms your preparedness for JPA - is to spell it!

    A version of same question has been introduced for the TA/Reservists and Pioneers (multiple choice).

    UNICOM is DEAD - LONG Live JPA!!!!
  12. Where is my Disturbance Allowance / Travel claim.


    There are literally 100's of these claims going 'missing' each day(they are actually with JPA SA), because units, and specifically the person with the 'Unit Establishment Administrator' role have not completed the workflow responsibilities for 'Allowance Checker', 'Expense Auditors' etc . Unless there are valid positions in these roles for each organisation then these claims will fail until the posts are filled.

    i.e. if your JPA unit is B Coy 1 Blankshires then there must be people in the Workflow roles for B Coy 1 Blankshires. NB They do not necessarilly have to be posts within B Coy 1 Blankshires.
  13. Please resend mate without the JPA BATCO.

    I'm not a Clerk and I've only done the "teach yourself - fire a tank" training on ARMYNET so still haven't a clue about JPA only that it'd better be simpler than the training package makes it out to be!

    I've recently applied for both these allowances you speak of - need I fret? or be prepared to claim again in years time when we're just about coping?

  14. GOTW

    You need not worry as your claims are pre-JPA. However if they were made after 28 Feb they may not be paid until mid late May.
  15. Thanks Paymaster,

    Claims submited in last 10 days so until mid-may then I'll wait out.

    At least I know!

    Thank you!