Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by ewan2000, Jul 18, 2008.

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  1. Over the last 6-12 months there has been a huge increase into SP using JPA as their personal cash point machine. Now everyone is aware that every 9th claim submitted onto JPA expenses gets banged for audit, along with that every Policy Violation Claim gets selected (******* beyond me as the big RED writing that says you fucked up press submit and you will be audited sort of gives it away - so press the BACK button and try again!!)

    Now, not everyone knows (apart from the little darlings we have caught) that actually 100% of your JPA submitted claims can be checked for "authenticity" and I'm not to sure that some of the relevant appointments know either, RAOs, FSAs ect.

    I am acutely aware that the Army took JPA and understood that their would be an element of fraud which would be cost effective. Wrong!!! because when someone finds a loophole (ODR instead of PCR - although the ODR rate will be getting changed to the PCR rate shortly) and when hairy arsed barrack room lawyer passes it around that their entitled to claim MMPs for the last 6 years when they where on leave!!!! you then have half a Regt/Bn slapping in claims that only one in nine will be audited.

    Now there are moves afoot from high above to look at this more closely and maybe bring back the original plan of COs choosing to flag a specific amount/Ranks ect.

    If there any RAOs/FSAs out there that do not know how to audit 100% of an individuals claim PM for info.

    Has anyone else come across this before or are my boys just mental !!! :)
  2. msr

    msr LE

    1) JPA is a hugely complicated system with a stupid interface: how many people have made a genuine error?

    2) The army's system of allowances is so byzantine no-one fully understands it.

    3) 'Auditing' my arrse, you just print out what you claimed for and sign it.

    I put every claim in with trepidation.

  3. I am lucky enough to have easy access to a JPA terminal whenever I want and have since been putting in claims for tiny amounts (I think around £1.50 was the lowest) because I can now do so easily and am entitled to it. Under the old system (submitting a form in triplicate, written in your own blood, on a wet Tuesday only after a full moon) I wouldn't have bothered with small claims.

    Using JPA as a cash machine, bloody right! If I'm entitled to it I claim it and if my RAO wants to do a 100% audit he can crack on.
  4. I should bloody well hope so that is the whole purpose of the system and on the flip side you should be informed also if you have missed out on something you are entitled to. :D :D
  5. Never in 30+ years been told I have missed out on something I could claim, even before the AGC were formed 8O I have been audited on average every 7 claims and not been found at fault yet :) My claims go through a civvy AO, the RAWO then RAO before they leave the unit. My unit audits itself to death :x
  6. There needs to be a "google" type search engine in JPA where you can enter key words, "posted / AT / career course" etc which will then provide a return of all claims the individual is entitled to. If possible with a linky to get you to the starting point.

    I have found that the biggest problem with JPA is the malfunction between the seat and the keyboard, that may well be just me though!!
  7. JPA claims are a feckin nightmare on wheels. Oh, don't get me wrong. For the average trip into London, lunch and then a drive back it's fine. But I don't think that enough time and effort was given to thinking about the way that the military work and where they go.
    I know I'm not on my own here, but whilst at my previous unit, I'd get sent all over the world. When we went (normally just two of us) we would take US Dollars as the universal currency....after all you can spend them anywhere, and quite a few of the countries we went to, you couldn't get the currency before travelling anyway...
    You would not belive how difficult it is to put in a claim on JPA for USD10 whilst staying in Ethiopia for just try it....unless it's been changed in the last couple of months!
    I'll agree with REgards on one point though. For my first 20 odd years in, I woudn't bother to claim for anything less than a just wasn't worth my time. Now I can claim for a simply job in minutes and have the money in a few days, so I do! I'm not convinced that people are fraudulent, just that it's simpler to claim, so they do. If even 10% of SP think that it's now worth 2 minutes of their time to get a few pennies back from the MOD then that would add up to a whole lot of money. I'll just bet that when the budgets were worked out, no one took any account of the claims that were never submitted due to the long paperwork trail, so when people start claiming what they are owed in must be fraud must it not? It's never been claimed for before, so they surely cannot be entitled to it now!
    That said, my last big trip overseas took in 9 countries with a mixture of Hotels and foreign service provided accommodation. My claim on return took 3 days (yes three fecking days, now isn't that a good use of a servicepersons time?) sitting at a terminal working out exactly what was what, what could and could not be claimed for and then trying to make sure that each bit went in the right box as it were...the total was well over £2000, I was, as I expected, audited and it was fine.
    So guys, you audit away. I've now decided that if it's mine I want it....Trust me, that is where the extra money is going.
  8. When did IE change from £5 per day to £1 per day? Oh, when everyone started claiming for £5 every time they were entitled to!

    I have made less than a dozen claims and have been audited twice. At the end of ICSC(L) a load of people were audited for the claims they submitted for Arnhem... how ridiculous, the stage leaders couldn't do anything about getting a blanket approval so 150 claims went in and a large amount of paperwork was submitted to support the audit process. It is just a stupid waste of time.
  9. I think that you will find that the RAO's think that they weren't entitled to it...must be the Tom's making fradulent claims again eh?

    It's just great for the power that be when JPA doesn't pay what people are due, after all, betting in their bank than yours in their opinion, but as soon as folks find out that they can actually claim something that they are due, then something must be done about it to lower that cost as soon a possible.
  10. When did IE change to £1/day?

    If it has, I'm in the proverbial!

  11. Made a balls up on a claim and claimed 6 days IE instead of 5 (thinking travelling time counted so worked it out in 24 hour periods from start of journey) got called in as my claim had been audited (5th claim 4th audit really unlucky but right to be done on this occasion) clerk just said you've been overpaid you owe me 7.50 euros, fair do's my mistake here you are no worries, job done matter dealt with never blame those at the bottom this crap comes from above, oh and can anyone tell me why evertime i claim for a hotel the system deducts an amount from me bloody thing.
  12. CAN we? and what are MMP's?
  13. Infiltrator, if you actually get off your high horse and read the original thread you will see that I am talking about Fraudulent claims and not claims that SP are entitled to, which I am totally in agreement as is every other HR Administrator I have talked to. :p
  14. Are you in receipt of FIA?
  15. JPA expenses are basically online gambling. Not going to get caught....not going to get caught.....damn!