JPA Taking random amounts of money from my pay

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by drain_sniffer, Aug 30, 2007.

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  1. Whilst trying to sort out continuing pay dramas, I checked my pay statement today to find a GDP offset for a "few quid"

    I checked with my admin staff who, having checked through 7 months of my pay statements couldnt tell me what it was for.

    I rank the amazing JPAC "helpline" to ask the question - and guess what, they couldnt tell me what it was for either.

    So, I have a random figure that is going to be taken from my pay, which no one seems to be able to tell me why. I asked if a stop could be made on this payment until an investigation had been conducted. Oh no, they have to take the money, and I will then have to fight, no doubt, for about 5 months to claim the money back!

    Is this Legal? - I have had nothing but grief from JPAC since its conception and the trained monkeys they have answering the phones are about as much use as a perforated condom.

    I have managed to obtain (after some coersion) the address for all written complaints regarding JPA. I urge anyone who has had issues to get their complaints in, because at the moment it seems they are untouchable

    The address is

    JPA Operations Room
    Centurion Building
    Rm 1027
    Grange Road
    PO13 9XA
  2. Gross Public Debits can appear for a multitude of reasons, the only way to find out what they are is be writing to JPAC, however, after a recent visit to Centurion Building I asked the question on these and I was told that they are not able to tell from Gosport, it has to be directed to Glasgow, Cake and Arrse I tell ya.
  3. Surely they cannot take an amount of money from my pay without informing me why. That cannot be legal
  4. You would like to think that they would tell you, it could be clothing, stores or anything, try calling the JPAC PAC at Glasgow, they are very helpfull, your clerks will have the number.
  5. Is there not some sort of emoticon missing here? :twisted:
  6. And they were about as helpfull as a box of frogs :x
  7. Not the JPAC, there is a section at Glasgow titled PAC, they are the section to contact, JPAC are about as useful as a butter fire guard.