JPA Supplementary Pay Run

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Karabiner, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. "Army pay troops" tommorrows headline in The Scum

  2. Can i just clarify for everyone that since JPA started there are no supplementary runs anymore and all monies will be paid out at the end of every month.
  3. i had a sup payment in september of outstanding SLC from Jan 07 so YES they do do them on JPA.
  4. That was likely processed differently because it was outstanding from legacy. There are ways to get money to Personnel quicker but these are not part of the regular pay run. Supplementaries as you knew them no longer exist.
  5. Maybe he's getting mixed up with retro pay runs?

  6. ill say it again in september i had a sup pay of £112. on army net and JPA i can chose between payrun1 (sup) and payrun2 (pay).
  7. The Supplementaries that you can see apply to certain allowances only - they dont pick up any changes in your basic pay which could generate a credit unlike Legacy where these could be picked up every week. Apologies if i sounded like i was having a go at you newlynpirate.
  8. Not at all Goth, just saying I did receive one...Am outstandin much LSA, dont seem to get that on a Sup!! So i yeld..
  9. Unfortunately LSA is one thing that has to run with the main pay. Thats now done for this month so you should be able to see your pay statements soon if you havent already. Just for the record, if you have to raise an i-Support or SR make sure it goes to Charges and Allowances. Too much of the 10 days we have to answer these is spent with queries sitting in the wrong sections mailbox.