JPA Strikes again - Leave travel claims etc

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by beercan, May 3, 2007.

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  1. The policy on leave travel has proven to be an absolute disgrace which will put many unlucky indviduals out of pocket. certainly being based in Germany the new rules seem particularily outrageous.

    Under the new rule you get one "get you home travel" claim per year from your TOS date. This can only be used to go back to the UK, to a registered and authorised leave address. On the 1 year anniversary of your TOS you then get you next years claim. This can only be used for one trip per year, not accumalative as one of the pervious leave options offered. So we are only encouraged to go home once a year! Very civilised? On the positive side they will now pay for your ferry, aparently!!

    To add insult to this new rule as of the 1 Apr 07 (JPA live day). If you are based in Germany and have less then 12 months to serve you are not allowed to claim WHAT SO EVER, Why I ask? The answer because that just how it is. As I am posted from Germany in Oct 07, and for the record have not used a leave claim since the anniverary of my TOS, I am entitled to absolutely nothing?

    I wonder how many thousand soldier based in Germany this has effect, bearing in mind that the majority of units easter block leave fell after the 1 Apr 07.

    Surely this is just another penny pinching disgrace. As if robbing us of £2s a day LOA was not enough. The instigator of this new policy is a pirate and thief, they should be ashamed of themself as this is just one more nail in the coffin of the overworked and underpaid members of the British Army. :evil:
  2. Are you out of pocket? Especially in comparison to your UK counterpart.

    It appears to me you are whinging for the sake of whinging.
  3. I thank you for your utterly useless reply. This is a key issue and a stealth change by JPA that seems to have no logic in its implementation. It effects Forces personnel based in BFG, whether you get it in UK is totally irrelevant to the agruement as the allowance is designed to assist people in getting back to the UK.

    Maybe out of pocket is not the correct term, however comments such as
    "It appears to me you are whinging for the sake of whinging" are just unhelpful. You clearly believe we should just accept all changes and turn to the right a get on with it??
  4. Beercan,

    Don't waste your time rising to dingerr's bait. You only need to read some of his other posts to realise that it is not worth getting into a debate with him. He has no ability to see logic or to understand the implications of some of the rule changes that have been discussed recently .

    You are right to raise this issue. It is one that I am not aware of and do not feel able to comment on as I am serving in UK so I will leave it to those that are affected.

    Best of luck in you campaign to highlight this issue.

  5. I agree with you beercan.

    My son was told that you are entitled to £120 per year?

    From what i can see on his wage slips,he gets £110 extra a month,the cheapest flight he as managed to get so far is £150.

    It may be cheaper over there,but the flights home every month are more than the extra he gets.
  6. I got a flight to Germany for £4.99 o_O
  7. 8O

    I must be looking in the wrong place,i got one booking 3 months in advance for £88.
    Airport two hours away from us to.
  8. Beercan,
    Fair play that you didn't resort to abuse, but if you were looking for an answer - you are right my answer was utterly useless. If you were looking for sympathy then i stand by my post.

    I have found being away from the UK soldiers are rarely, if ever out of pocket.

    The situation with JPA is that the whole system of pay and allowances has been reviewed and this will result in atts and dets, unfortunately this does not seem to balance out for some, but i would not be surprised if in future you receive an allowance that you would not previously have received pre-JPA. These allowances are not stealth they are all laid down in the relevant regulations.

    Have you checked the regs yourself to make sure that some clerk is not fobbing you off? It might be well worth doing so, because the allowances here in BATUS have actually improved. Previously we were entitled to an MMA claim at leave rate (3000km a year i think). This worked out at a few hundred bucks. With the new changes the family can be flown to the UK, upto a cost of £608 per ticket and we can also claim for travel between the airport and address on both sides of the water. Unless this is unique to BATUS and not covered by the Regs i would suggest that someone is seeing you off, you need to do a little more research. The thing about the 12 months seems strange as well - what if someone is posted early, do they have to pay that allowance/claim back.

    LOA is regularly reviewed against a set of criteria, it goes up and down like a whores drawes, you just have appeared to have dipped out and it is in a down cycle.


    Logic? Best you explain yourself what logic i am missing here. I fail to see were any posts in this thread have a logical theme.

    My position is this: I feel that generally we are pretty well catered for, there are lots of things to raise comment and whinge about, but others are not justified and are just people resistant to change and fail to look at the big picture of how they are really affected. The reason you may notice that this pi$$es me off is that it weakens the genuine complaints that soldiers have and the ability of the CoC to make a case to deal with them.

    It is a soldiers right to whine, but it is also another soldiers right to say "shit the fcuk up".
  9., its easy to get from Dusseldorf to Paderborn/Munster etc :}
  10. Agreed Dinger. I'm in Cyprus and since the implementation of JPA our allowance for flights has gone up from £180 to £360 AND you get MMA from the airport to home and back.
    It is a soldiers write to whinge, however, whinge if you are in UK getting F@ck all LOA and/or tax free stuff not if you are on pop stars wages.
  11. He flies from hannover to manchester.
  12. Yes I have checked the regulations myself and yes I have pushed the query up the chain of command. I see many of the agruements that you are raising. However the main point I am trying to highlight is the method of implementation. As I have said many will not be eligible to Claim this years GYH allowance due to the initial restrictions. That is you must have 12 months service left in BFG from the 1 Apr 07. That is the major issue. That is the issue I don't understand, where is the logic here?

    Ranges from £53 to £100.

    Cheap flights are available if you can be bothered to look and don't expect to much in the way of service.
  14. What wing did you sit on?
  15. These are good,but i have tried these for him,never managed to get a flight yet on the day he needs.
    I spend hours searching for flights when he wants to come home.