JPA Signing off

Can anyone help me with this problem?

Right here goes, I signed off on JPA on 10 May this year, only a few weeks later changed my mind and did the bad thing and withdrew my application, now I have found that the withdrawel has not been actioned and its now September,nearly october. My question is can I withdraw this withdrawel and still have my sign off date as the previous date (10th May )

Thanks in advance.
Surely if the withdrawal has not been actioned then you are still out on 10th May? Therefore you would need to do no further action?

Came across this a few months ago with one of our lads. Spoke to MCM Div who said that if withdrawal had not been actioned as far they were concerned the original date, in your case 10th May, stands.

If in doubt get a cleric to phone your MCM Div - if they are allowed to!
Good luck.

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