JPA Rumours

Can anybody tell me which of the following rumours are true, and which belong in the NAAFI bar/Lamp & Sandbag ?

1) With the introduction of JPA, daily rates of pay will be replaced by a monthly salary at 365/12 x drp

2) Everyone from the First Sea Lord to a computer illiterate infantryman will have to administer their own pay account online (including applying for engagement bonuses, LSA bonuses, daily travelling expenses etc)

3) The Pay Office will have nothing to do all day except play Spider Solitaire; pay queries will be dealt with by telephone helpdesk

4) Travel claims will be self-certified up to £5000

5) Army numbers will be replaced by a tri-service "payroll number"

6) JPA is basically a civilian system similar to that currently used by BAE Systems, designed by civvies, for civvies.

7) The Army will still have to keep UNICOM records to keep a track of loan clothing

Answers on a hyperlink :)
1. True.
2. Yes - but it's not that simple.
3. Bolllocks. Nice attitude. I believe Administration is one of the Principles of War.
4. LMAO!
5. Oh dear...
6. No...visit the JPA Team in Worthy Down...although you're mostly right about the baseline software.
7. Most of the functions of UNICOM will be transferred to JPA, but to forestall your next (inevitable) comment, what would you recommend using for the OOB solution?
My thoughts/info:

3. Increasingly queries will be dealt with by a call centre, but RAO staff will remain to smooth the transition and fulfil other functions not met by JPA.
4. I have heard that everyone will self-certify upto a figure of £500, but that is easily changed. There are also likely to be several levels of fraud detection/prevention i.e. 1 claim in 10 checked, 1 claim in 100 investigated - that sort of thing.
5. Not sure but I did attend a JPA briefing where it was stated that we would all be 'Assigned' IIRC instead of posted/drafted etc, as the software was not/could not be altered.
6. I believe that the software is Oracle HRMS and it is not being changed greatly.
7. There is a deployable version of JPA, that has most of the functionality of the 'normal' version, but it is'nt updated quite so often.

Some JPA Information which includes a taster of JPA!
5. All new sevice numbers will start from 30000000. All existing serving personnel will keep their existing numbers.
6. The software is Oracle HRMS. The original concept was to buy a Commercial Off the shelf (COTS) package with the business changing its rules to suit the package. This was AVM Pledgers original idea however there are now over 400 extentions (bespoke software) to cater for the armed forces rules.
Don't build your expectations too high on what JPA can / will do for you. Once it has been rolled out to the RAF they will effectively be alpha testing the software. If there are no major problems then it will be issued to the Navy, they will be beta testing it.
Darth_Doctrinus said:
1. True.
7. Most of the functions of UNICOM will be transferred to JPA, but to forestall your next (inevitable) comment, what would you recommend using for the OOB solution?
7. Not sure what you mean by 'most'. JPA is purely Amin, all the 'Q' elements will remain on UNICOM until some sort of replacment is found for that.

Been out of that side for a while, but last I heard was Project Drum, which was to replace the UNICOM Q side, had been shelved, and at the moment, no replacment is due any time soon.
SixBadges said:
4) Travel claims will be self-certified up to £5000


All travel claims will be self certified, however they need to be authorised once they hit certain limits e.g. anything over £2000. Also e.g. taxi fares over £30 etc. because soldiers are honest they would never think of self certifing travel claims for £29.99 for a refund of taxi fares that need no authorisation !
8. Having seen JPA now for 6 months. Bring back PAMPAS far more user friendly and accurate.
9. Avoid being the 'Arrivals Clerk' Role like the plague.
7. Areas not covered by JPA as far as I know are:

a. Q Area no replacement as yet but USAS 2 being looked at
b. Imprest
c. Discipline
d. NEBs
e. and anything else EDS deem to hard to impliment in time
7e Not EDS's fault. Once the 3 services decide what they want then EDS will deliver it. However the ball lies firmly in the MOD court on this one.
1. Three customers, a soldier an airman and a sailor, enter a restaurant at 7pm to order a meal. They are approached by the waiter who hands the menu of what fare is available. The waiter reminds the gentlemen that last orders for the chef is at 10pm.

2. The customers browse the menu and decide that they will all have the same choice. After some time they decide to order steak, cooked rare. The waiter takes their order and gives it to the chef.

3. At 8pm the waiter brings the customers their rare steaks, however whilst the food was being cooked they discussed their choice and decided that this was not what they really wanted. They informed the waiter that they had changed their minds, they definitely wanted steak, but could it be cooked medium rare.

4. The waiter returns the food to the kitchen and informs the chef of the customers’ new wishes. At 8.30pm the waiter again brings out the food as ordered by the customer. However the customers have changed their minds again. Although they like what they see, they would like their steaks well done.

5. Once again the waiter returns the food to the kitchen and informs the chef of the new requirement. At 9pm the waiter serves the food to the customers as requested. One of the customers has decided to be a vegetarian and cannot eat meat.

6. After much heated discussion between the customers they decide at 9.45pm that they would like to order the most expensive / elaborate vegetarian meal on the menu.

7. The waiter goes to the kitchen to talk to the chef. After a couple of minutes he returns to the customers and informs them that they cannot have their order as it would not be ready by 10pm. He returns to the kitchen.

8. At 10pm he serves the customers what can be cooked in the time remaining and serves them beans on toast !

9. The waiter then hands the diners a mahoosive bill, which bears no relation to the menu prices.

Nice analogy, BTW At_Ease; JPA and PAYD in one!
Well the prices are charged as per the menu. Is it the fault of the restaurant if the customer keeps changing the order ! Unfortunately thats the way it works in the commercial world. It's not personal it's business.
So the check list that EDS said JPA could do isnt getting shorter and shorter as roll out gets closer and closer then.
I have alot of faith in EDS hey look at the great job they did with the CSA system
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