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JPA - Royal Navy

A few were paid half way through the month and their help desk number had a dead ring tone last week - im sure there will be more to follow now that they have had their first pay online.

The RAF are still trying to fight a losing battle here - separation allowances being the main cause for concern
i gather the early payment was a manual mistake rather than a system one. The enquiry centre suffered a telephony problem last week but that wasn't connected to JPA. Early days yet but the RN have been much more involved in the run up to rollout than the RAF were. That said they have had the benefit of going second! Lets see what the main pay run is like in November!
I know one of the Navy girls who works next door to me in the Falklands is having a couple of dramas because they have "lost" her replacement 3 weeks before her tourex date.

They transferred to the Marines and JPA hasn't been updated and the bods in charge refuse to believe his ship saying he is still there.

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