JPA Reports and SPS Interim Inspections

So, some are very good, albeit, if you just fall under 1 heirachy otherwise you have to produce them for every single establishment under your command (what a nightmare for places like MOD, PJHQ etc).

We have been given recomended reports to produce, I could go through the faults with them on here but it would fill a page.

What are your opinions on the dictated reports that we are told we have to produce, and what has been your ICT's comments on them.

We have run off BPG's for all of them and they do not really tell you what we, as HR, should be looking for, in a pass or fail inspection how does this help, it seems to me that they (as well as alot of the inspection criteria, (do not make it pass or fail if you, DSPS(A), are waiting on feedback before making a structured inspection criteria) are down to unit interpretation as to what we do with them.

We (HR) need clearer guidance from DSPS(A), as they are the department that have produced this criteria on what we (HR) and Bde SPS Inspection teams should be looking at.

Oh, and I have it from a good source that DSPS(A) look at this site daily, please, please, make the inspection critiria uniformed (more detail), at the moment it's hugely open to interpretation and inspection teams in all Bde's are having to play it as they see it, all looking at different things and taking a different approach as per their perception. It should not be a Pass or Fail at this point in time, yes, once feedback has been recieved by Bde's and passed to DSPS(A) then put out a more detailed criteria and a pass or fail inspection, at least all will know where they stand, and if the other services follow suite it will have been properly tried and tested by us first.

feedback please.
What are your opinions on the dictated reports that we are told we have to produce, and what has been your ICT's comments on them.
We were one of the first in our Bde AOR, and, er, the team just looked at them. No comments on them, other than the SSR which we hadn't yet got round to doing. I don't blame them, they were obviously as "lost" are we were, maybe things became clearer as they progressed through the units and thye learnt to look for differences.

Also as a TA unit, quite a lot of the reports were just blank, perhaps a seperate criteria is needed for regular/TA units.

Totally agree it should not be a pass/fail, it should be more of a "how are you getting on with JPA? Lets identify the areas you are strong/weak in and act on them"
LJS couldn't agree more. ECs seemed to be the biggy for us but we had only just gone FOC so had loads.

Top Tip for EC one the guys need to input DOB and gender for contacts as this seems to remove them from the report if everything else is OK.

As for the Bank Details Report erm why?

Totally with you on this one some of the reports seem crazy. The SSRR although now 'accurate' is useless as in order to get my unit total I need to sit with a calculator and add up 26 pages of figures and that is just for one of my 4 sub units!

I hope that in future the need for returns to COC will be reduced. I find myself on a monthly basis producing figures for Higher Formation that they and others above must surely be able to do?

My two bobs worth.

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