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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by 5205Bradders, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering why the ability to list competencies and educational quals is on JPA as both units I've been to since JPA went live haven't updated my quals onto the JPA system. I queried this at both unit RAOs and they said that they'd look into it and call me in when they got to the bottom of it... now after not being called in 2 months later, I went in to see what was happening and they said that my records from my previous unit turned up in parts and not as a whole which they say it should have done; and on checking through the records after it all finally turned up they say some of the competencies and quals are missing out of the record, the very nice lady in the RAO said she'd get straight onto it this afternoon with the RAO manager, but I was just wondering what is the point behind recording misc info like this on JPA, is it neccessary if a hard copy is still retained by your RAO? Just a question... answers/views appreciated...
  2. Bradders the vast amount of quals/competences are now published by the training unit and not by your unit. Therefore what is the point of having paper copies?

    I agree it should be one or the other and hopefully it means we will see an end to the Quad 9.

  3. Paper copy for the butt-covering-exercise if/when something goes wrong. Electronic so higher formation can see who has done what for statistical purposes and trawls without putting out a request to G3 O & D/Unit/Sub-unit/Ch Clk for nominations.

    I also get the feel that we still don't believe anything until we see it on paper. Also good CV fillers.

    The paperless office is a myth.
  4. Now if only that was true. We're still compiling manning returns etc on a monthly basis!

  5. They are supposed to, however, in my experience they don't, we end up doing it. :x