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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by menacingboots, Nov 28, 2007.

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  1. Ladies, Gents.
    I have received some dosh on my current account stating 'JPA Payment orders'. Normally free dosh is great but y'see I left the regulars in 93, and did a stint as a reservist for a year or two. Now - as far as I know I should be a civvie unless I'm on some soon to announced call up of Section D.
    Is this transfer to my account a hiccup? Or are other chaps getting this too?


  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Sounds like an even more spectacular JPA cock up than normal. I sadly haven't had any little gifts like this.

    How much did you get?
  3. Less than £20. But hopefully a £250k 'mistake' may be winging its way across.
  4. It would'nt suprise me that JPA cocking things up with payments as the reply you always get that it's a "computer error" etc etc when the realisticly the computer is only as good as the personnel putting the information in to it!

    I know a m8 & ex-work collegue who left the service in June 07 & JPA are still paying him his full army wage regular every month 8O

    try giving the JPA advice line a call :wink: & explain ur case & see what kinda reply you get from them? :roll:

    my line manager is constantly banging his head off the wall & swearing at his phone trying to get things done through APC/JPA & say's it's a total nightmare :evil:

    good luck with ur case either way

  5. Be interesting to see how / if they try and recover that when they realise! Wonder if they'll do it in one go or by monthly instalments - that's if your mate hasn't changed his bank details by then :wink:
  6. Cheers beemer.
  7. Sounds like the AFPAA 001 has not been completed, shame, they will have a hard job getting it back.

    DSPS(A), If you are reading this, could be something to add to the JPA termination checksheet, among many other things, like testimonials and confirmation of SL address on discharge.
  8. Menacing the only thing I can think of is that someone may have input incorrect bank details into JPA - either HR Admin or individual. Fine if only for this payment but you may wish to check your bank to see if someone else's wages are in there tomorrow!! Believe me it could happen!

    LJS check out the new Ops Bulletin ref Termination of Service. It goes on about additions to the checklist in there. By the way if you may sense of it let me know 'cos I cant.

  9. Jockster, Yep seen, additional columns have been added to the JPA Termination Report (which will show all in their last 12 months every month it's run) and to the JPA Termination Checklist, showing today, typical, you moan about something and the very next day it's sorted.

    The SP will need to check his/her contract end date to make sure it's correct, in addition JPAC will add any non reconable service informing the unit, thus ensuring extensions to engagements are completed for pension purposes.

    They have set up a team to deal with debits on discharge offering the SL with various methods of payment.

    There is more, however, I am at home without the thing in front of me.

    We will still run with our discharge register in tandem with this process until we are confident with it.
  10. Gents,
    Many thanks for the feedback. Er....who's are these two CD's?
  11. Don't know but once you have deleted Mrs Jockster's details they may be worth something on EBay?