JPA proper wa#k or not?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by stackon, Mar 31, 2007.

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  1. Want to know if anyone out there has an answer to the following.

    Me being a HR Admin type was under the assumption that from 01 Apr we are to get the sldrs to fill in an F16 and then we would transfer it to a F16(a) and email it off to JPAC, job done. But, just been told that this is not the case!! We are to just sub the 1771 for an F16 and carry on as per normal paying out cash and bank claims and keep all receipts and F16's in the Imprest account until the unit has full access rites for all sldrs!

    Surely this is wrong? I've a good mind to email the first half dozen claims we receive off to JPAC and see if they go in the sldrs banks and then crack on doing them like that if they do. Seems proper **** to just sub one form for another and carry on as per usual!
  2. You are correct that is just what you have to do. Personnally I'm much tempted to carry on with 1771s and MOD300s. the F016 is four pages long and all that reading will be "challenging" for some our less intelligent clients and for senior officers who don't have a PS to fill it in for them!
  3. Thanks for that, I will probably just keep the system that we are using now (1771/300's etc). Still unsure how we give guys an advance using the JPA system, so more than likely keep it easier and carry on using the 300's.
  4. Advances are done on the F016 as well. I've already had some completed for advances that I'm actioning next week. Once you get your head around them, the conceneous of option is that, they are easier and no pissing around getting the OC to countersign. The only downside is that there is nowhere to sign for cash, hence I'll have to attach 824s.
  5. Just thought, they won't get paid until the lads get on the system and designate which account they want their claims into.
  6. As an aside, does anyone have any idea when MCM Div will turn their attentions back to postings? I've been out of trade for two months following a change of trade in January, with no positive news from my C of C. (I'm not comfortable with the idea of contacting MCM Div myself, I'm sure you understand)