jpa problem

Hi all
im being given the runaround about jpa and wondered if anyone on here can help?

At the start of april i rejoined the army as a lvl 9 Lcpl and went through blackdown for my documentation and matts,i went to the RAO and gave my bank details and all the other info that was required,the problem is this the rao staff there said i wont get paid because im not on jpa and that they dont know how to put me on it, after bugging them for 3 weeks i managed to get a cheque,and they said that it was being sorted,im now on leave until im posted on the 7 of next month to Germany,so i contacted jpac to see if im active yet , they have informed me that im still down as not serving,and to get back to my unit rao and tell them to send my details,i did this and the unit rao still at blackdown said its my acio that has to do this,i contacted the acio in question and was told its records that do this,so on to them,records say its not them so i got back onto jpac, and explained the actions i have taken,they still say im not serving because they have no memerable data for me,this is becomming a nightmare,im expected to arrive at a new unit in germany,but not even down as a serving soldier, and not getting paid my family are staying here in uk not knowing if im going to be paid , can someone please help with this thankyou.
I suggest that you go back to your unit and ask them to speak to your Bde HQ, they will then provide the DS on how to get you up and running on JPA, failing that, they can put in an I Support to JPAC.
tried that but got told to go away they are closed while they transfer to jpa
but thankyou, shall i get in contact with my recieving unit about this and see if they can do anything ?
You should go back to the JPAC and tell exactly what you have done so far and the lack of support todate, make a note of the I-Support Ref Number they give you, you should also have one from the previous calls you made. If you still have no joy then you can raise a complaint in writing to the JPA OPS Room, make sure that you include every thing you have done so far and the I-Support Ref Numbers. This should help get some thing done for you. You will also be entitled to EPIC payments until this matter is sorted.
japc wouldnt give me any ref numbers because im not a serving soldier in there eyes,they ask for my reg number and thats as far as i get, before im told im not serving,and to see my rao ,im just going in circles and now they have told me to stop ringing them because i messing up the system every time my number is put in
have been onto jpac again today, and got told
they have no start date for me and no bank details and that im still down as not in active service.and only the colour service section can put me on the system,but they are not trained to do so yet,or so they say,and it wont be any time soon.

have i got the right to not turn up in germany untill this is sorted, and do some agency work because as far as everyone is concerned im still a civilian.and im leaving my partner and kids here
I'd do just that slyfox, they will soon get the finger out when they are down a body due to their inability to administer you.
its very tempting i must say, but at the same time i dont want to get in the s@it at my new unit,but im going to speak to the rao there tomorow and see what he thinks,my argument is if i crash on route to posting,(not only does that make me a crap driver)
but im not a serving soldier.
Are you being issued travel warrants? Do you have ID(MOD90 or chit in lieu)? How are you going to prove who you are when you arrive?
i have from deepcut a chit in lieu and a posting order that i have faxed myself to my unit while talking to the rao there who knew nothing about me and another lcpl in same boat as me so as far as that goes no problems
i have a room and he has his quarter.
Blinking eck......what a carry on.........nice to know you are being looked after by your Regiment/Corps. I would think about joining the Raf instead at least you will have nothing to do whilst not being paid......think about it.....
that isnt an option but we have both refused to deploy untill this is sorted,
i know this is mad but we have to make a stand someware.
If they have issued a quarter to someone not on the system then how the fcuk does that work?!?

I'd take this as far as you can mate, sounds like slopey shoulder on someones part to me.

And this is happening to someone who is joining back up!
Custards last stand - at the salad bar
Custards last stand - at the salad bar
Sly - cut out the middle men and pen pushers. Raise it formally up your Chain of Command. "Redress of Grievance" or a "Representation not amounting to an Appeal" are both courses of action guaranteed to get results. Good Luck.
lol,where to start tried that and got f@~ked off as per normal
(follow the pointing finger and guess where you end up
thats it back onto the phone to jpac,
it cant be that hard to input data stating what someones serving status is
basic computer skills.
I am having the same mare as slyfox, re enlisted got a posting and even a quarter yet i do not exist on JPA, or rather i do but as a reservist. No one knows how to change my status from this to Active with everybody blaming everbody else! I have contacted JPA, JPAC and even RLC MCM aswell as obviously the RAO etc. All i need is status change and start date but apparently NO-ONE is trained to do such thing!!!


I feel like turning down my posting (To BFG), and indeed op tours, as i refuse to leave my wife and children in a foreign country with no income, and i certainly aint risking my life for no wages!!

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