Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by johnno808, Feb 3, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know how to submit a triple P via JPA?

    My OC insists they are all done via this method now.
  2. It's not a triple P persay but yes. it's on your preferences. PM me if you want my Number and I'll talk you through it tomorrow.
  3. IT's all depends what Corps or Regt you are with. The answer is this:

    Log onto JPA
    Click Self Service Employee
    Click on Employee Preferences

    Always use the % sign to search or on the right hand side of JPA there is a self service help guide. If you need any further advice just send me a private message.
  4. JT, I've just PM'd him the bits I could remember without having the darn thing in front of me. I'm not best friends with JPA today anyway, and I know this should be in the "JPA Help" bit, but is there a way to export ECs so I can print the whole Regt's off in a oner without the Tigers or Dr Spock getting involved?

    Dale T x
  5. Good question, I use some of the reports gayPA spits out but they're mostly useless and end up making my own. I'll PM you my work number and I'll have a look tomoz, see if I can't knock something up if one doesn't exsist.
  6. PM received and I have replied. (Shame the kids on the Joining Up Thread can't use the PM system).

    It's a bit like the "Leave Remaining" report - the Tigers have to do that nowadays. Everything has fallen into the ether after DII evolved.
  7. yeah it's a pain, TT have to do a lot of the stuff you could quite happily do at unit level a year ago. So now what was a long task is an incredibly long task.
  8. My lot still ask for a hard copy through the post.

    JPA? They dont even look at it :roll:

  9. Ffffffft, you said "Hard".

    I take it you mean your hierarchy and Bde? Mine did the same. Oh it's ok sir, I love clearing your workflows because you don't check them. You lazy cunt.
  10. Nope, I mean my Corps.

    FFS, I actually got the posting I wanted (which stunned me) only because I sent the 'paper/hard' copy.

    (Thats when they actually turn up for work in Glasgow)
  11. hehehe, funny.

    Just say NO :)
  12. This has been fixed and now works correctly for units to run it themselves.
  13. Glasgow will only read the PPP if you tell them it is there. There is no functionality for JPA to send it anywhere automatically. Best bet is to print it out and send to your desk officer - then you cannot go wrong.
  14. Prove it.....
  15. I have run of the Leave Report and it now works....BRILLIANT, some MCM Divs still insist on a hard copy PPP, the EC JPA Report will show you who's are incorrect/missing, however, you need to know how to read it as it's not that simple, I do have a guide if anyone wants it.