JPA pay level help

What a nightmare ive had today.

Right i basicly went to check my JPA see if everything was ok after the change of the financal year, well it was'nt.

Ive being dropped back to N.E.R.P. and now have a GDP of just over £1000, what could cause this?

The R.A.O. seem to think that i was over payed? But everyone i went to basic is on more then me.

I just want to know will i get the money back am owed and my GDP cleared as this has upset my finances a little as ive dropped back to entrant pay.

Also what level should i be on now? Am a CFN in Armourer training. R.A.O. just mess up my mind with jargon.

Ive rasied a Isupport on JPA so ill see what that says but just thought id try and get help on here too.

Thanks guys and gals.
Good Luck - I hope you get it sorted...

I transfered Reg to TA on 01 April 07 and was at Level 5 in the Regs on 31 Mar 07.
TA took me onto JPA at Level 4 - that was two years ago and despite whinging to the Pay Staffie I'm still paid at a level below I should be.

So don't hold your breath young man!

What a fine grasp of the english language!!!

Bearing in mind that SEME is one of the largest units in the Army, just try and be patient - it will get sorted eventually. Although obviously that won't help in the meantime when you need all the cash you can scrap together for the rippers down the Q club or whatever they call it these days.
Yes am just waiting on the isupport people to get back to me with an answer then ill know for definate.

Just wanted to know if anyone on ARSSE had any similar problems lol

I just want to get it sorted, get rid of JPA bring back the Clerks!

What a fine grasp of the english language!!! - Hint of sarcasm there??
We all get problems with pay from time to time, but I have to say it normally does get sorted eventually. Those in green hats are usually far too busy doing audits to be concerned about our pay - you will grow to love them.

And yes I am a sarcastic cnut!!

always pays to remember that the clerks in your RAO might just read ARRSE! :roll:

If you don't understand the "jargon" then go back and see the nice lady who did your iSupport for you - I am pretty sure she will help! :wink:
Oh, and just to be really pedantic, there is a sticky at the top of this forum for JPA help queries. Not that you noticed or anything......
You should be on NERP for a maximum of 26 weeks service from date of starting training or on receiving your first Class 3 trade, whichever is the sooner.

IE you will move from NERP after 6 months if you haven't got a class 3 trade.

Hope this helps. :?

He WAS on NERP, then got his level 1 in Nov, now all of a sudden JPA has put him back to NERP WEF 1 Apr!

Hence the iSupport. So I guess we just have to wait for 10 days......

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