JPA Pay Batches for upload - SPS types only


Any views on how may lines can be cut and pasted into JPA batch upload for the Mar/Apr pay. I have heard views from max of 100 to as many as you like.

Also, have many HR types got logins yet?



and also, on the CONTINUOUS TRAINING ATTENDANCE REGISTER, I keep getting an error 6. Has anyone got this to work when you press the format button?
HR types passwords are rolled out from tomorrow alledgedly (at least in my bde) - I believe this is earlier than expected because lo-and-behold something actually worked! - with a 'throttle' system in place to stop it crashing, all pay to be done by 20th..
Great few days ahead of us no doubt!


So seeing as there are knowledgeable SPS types, Are the bounties going to be in a resonable amount of time?

Pay for March...when will the system pick up the pay runs?
There was a big effort to make sure bounties get sorted out ok and on time (certainly its taken precedence over pay) so I'd expect them to be fairly timely.
Pay for March - according to what I have is to be finished by 20th April, I don't have dates for when its likely to appear but someone on here said 30th April was the working target; is this likely? I have no idea to be honest.

- I'm not really a knowledgeable SPS type though..


You probably know the answer by now, but I you can now send up to 2000 at a time.

Wouldn't try it myself though, it takes long enough just to send 99!

Best time to upload seems to be between 5 and 7, system is quicker and the helpdesk phones aren't constantly engaged - and they have been very helpful, but then my bde wo told me today that I am the only person having problems with it!!! :evil:
I did most of mine 17-20.45 on thursday evening and then from 08.00 - 12.00 on saturday morning :] like you say much quicker

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