JPA Over-payment and re-claim

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Tengu, Aug 24, 2010.

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  1. Im after some advice on here as I have been told this morning that I have been over-paid since the introduction of JPA (a long time ago now!).
    The message says they want to recover in the region of £4000, and, as you can imagine im not a happy sapper!
    Is there any action I can take to reduce/write-off this debt as its no fault of mine and surely if there was a mistake then Glasgow pay office should have seen this problem well before it hit the amount it is now.

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Speak to your admin staff to get it written off. I'm in the same boat along a lot of others at my unit, and our admin clerks are in the process of attempting to write it off with the full support of our chain of command
  3. Thanks for that, I'll get onto them tomorrow. Plus there is a lot of others at my place too so I'll pass on the advice, cheers!!
  4. If you'd been underpaid since the start of JPA by 4 grand then would you write it off because you had only just noticed?
    Thought not.
  5. My oppo had a similar overpayment. They are already claiming a year's worth of the overpayment, but apparently cannot claw back anything over one year. Does the £4k represent just one year, or the total amount?
  6. So the message form says, the problem happened when JPA was first introduced so that would put it at around June/July 2007 I think.
  7. If it's what i think it is, it's a cock up with second trades and being awarded another incremental progression when it can only be awarded for the primary trade. There are many involved, primarily RE/RLC and R Signals as you tend to have secondary CEGs.

    Although your HR staff may promise to attempt write off, they will only be completing some standard casework of which an example was provided with the notifications of recovery.

    It is very unlikely that any of these write off cases will pass muster - as the problem has been identified, and rectified resulting in recovery action. If you can prove that you were entitled to the AIP (ie. your second trade is in fact your primary trade) then you might have a leg to stand on - but unlikely.

    Don't be fooled into thinking that because it happened several years ago that your'e immune from recovery. It's simply not the case. Be prepared to repay at the standard recovery rate (4 days gross pay per month) until it's paid back. sorry!
  8. Don't know what JPA is? But it is illegal to deduct any payments from your wages unless you authorize them to do so,. That doesn't include contractual deductions [Tax NI pension food board] obviously
  9. Step away from the keyboard sweety.
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  11. Nice use of Google. It's just a pity you didn't apply such a studious approach to your other posts.
  12. Similar story of overpayment. On H7 as a reservist Kentigern House overpaid me by 2.5k. Genuinely was not noticed. No pay statements. Remained unnoticed.
    Then one year later (when they identified their mistake) they contact me and demand repayment. Letter from CO and myself given a stiff ignoring.
    Now threatening legal action to recover - Am no longer in the reserves - civvy.
    Anyone else been in a similar fix.
  13. As far as I'm aware an employer has a year to do it, get legal advice.
  14. Typical general incompetence by unit HR, we expect and put up with. But I got £3000 of LSA written off 3 years ago. Was continued to be paid it even after several emails and more visits to unit HR.
    So amounts can be written off, granted in my case I put the money aside as I was aware and waiting for Glasgow just to take back the overpayment. But because I proved they were at fault they didn't take a penny.

    Their is hope. If you can prove there incompetence.