JPA on civvy internet trial.

Its crap, JPA
Try putting in your employee preferences. It doesnt recognize most locations or appointments.
And this is just a week after having the RLC Roadshow come down and told us that you need to have put your preferences down so it goes on the front of your SJAR.
This trial is just as bad.

It wont work when using Firefox as your browser, just Internet explorer. Then after this it wont let me log into JPA at all.

I agree the whole PP thing is a pain. Some places in Scotland are classed as England North IIRC.
Don't even get me started on preferences for locations. You essentially have to pick an entire country as your first choice, if you can get it to recognise that country.
The way they've over simplified the location choices you might has well just have this;

1st Location Preference; A_Planet Earth

Negative Preference; A_The Moon

Everyone gets what they want. Except astronauts.
bianchi said:
At least if you are only allowed to enter a country, there is a greater chance of getting your preference. :)
It's probably their way of turning around next year and saying everybody was posted where they asked for.
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