JPA - Number Army Numbers?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by TonyBlair, May 6, 2008.

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  1. Guys,

    Can anyone tell me why with the JPA system, I`m having to be re issued a new Army number? I`ve had the same number for 14 years, but have recently applied to join the TA, and been told that because of JPA, I may need an new number, I was only using my old number in March, so whats changed?

    Confused??? :? :? :? :?
  2. Err, because it's JPA!

  3. Oh good.....

    To say I`m gutted is an understatement!!!!!

    I`ll guess I`ll just have to resign myself to that fact that I`m a NIG again.

    The trueth will come out, when its time to put our No.2`s on!!!!
  4. Do they still fit?

  5. Good point!!!!!!! DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Ha, 2's and TA - Dont hold your breath waiting for the opportunity to put em on either!

    There was another thread on this issue not so long back, something to do with offiecers having the same numbers as us whats worserer than them an all?
  7. Because you have had a change of contract JPA is unable to recognise previous service numbers as was, if a contract has been changed it will give you a new service number, that is the only way it can cope with the "new" service person.

    Do not fret about it, accept it, it's better than not getting paid at all.
  8. Chuffed to f*ck!!! It turns out that I can keep my old army number after all!!!!!
  9. Erm... don't think you can matey, any ex regs who joined us since JPA went live have had to get by with a new number.

  10. It seems that as I joined the TA in 2006, and have just moved from one Regiment to another, I`m able to keep my original number. There was concern that this wouldn`t be the case, but I have had it confirmed...phew!!
  11. Happened to me mate and quite a few others who re-joined in to a newly formed TA specialist unit. I was a bit miffed as my 'old' army number was issued to me in 1986. But then again its only a number so f00k it!!!!!!! :D
  12. I kept my Army number when I left the TA and joined the RAuxAF, Although I was chuffed that I wouldn't have to remember a new number, it has caused me a fair bit of grief as far as pay is concerned.

    My recommendation is, that if you get a chance to get a new JPA number, take it!

    I also refer you to this thread