JPA Mess pay up.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mattybouy, May 16, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    How many folk have had their pay f**ked up by JPa, i had two different DROP last month, both of them were wrong.......

    How do i go about getting it corrected? My PSAO said not to worry, there is a few faults with JPA.......yea so wot are the MOD doing about it......?????F**K all as usual. :x
  2. Can't say anymore I just have too agree with you, I am still waiting on my pay :toilet:
  3. Your PSAO can do very little, you need to call the JPA helpline (but bear in mind many are just learning their job - new system etc and if the had the same quality training we had ............)
  4. No sorry not my job to ring JPA up that is why we have AGC folk in the Army. The army is a massive coy and if they cant get pay right then wot chance have we got???? They wonder why soldiers are leaving everyday......JPA.......wot a load of shit, there was nothing wrong with the old system.
  5. Oh matty matty matty, what can we do? I personally think you're getting paid too much as it is mate. ;-)
  6. Only cause i'm on more than u.......even when they mess my pay up.......hahahaha Its a joke mate!!!!
  7. Course it's a joke, but just think of all that back pay you will be due? The amount of days you put in means it will be nigh on a small fortune....
  8. Yea right, and when we all gunna get this back pay.....the PSAO whats nothing to do with it, mind you if we all complain every week, he might forget bout golf and sailing and help the troops to money they have worked hard for.........
  9. He said last week that it was 'in hand', so i'll sit back with baited breath and watch.

    Not in tonight mattybouy, will speak to you soon.

    P.S. Did you get the email with my new mobile number in it?
  10. yea cheers, wrote back to u. How was the shoot, du get pished on sat nite??? I was steaming, but hey nothing new, mind u i had been up from 0800 on the Friday morning and didn't go to bed till 0230 on the Sunday morning as was busy with CPX all sat night. Take it easy.
  11. Er no, matty firstly it is your job to phone up JPAC why becuase its your pay not the clerks, as the Clerks cannot phone on your behalf as you have to give verification details of you in the enquiry center. They will ask you for a password/memorable information nomally your NI number. The mil number in 94560 3600 (if want the civi number PM me), i will not give out the civi number due to security reasons. If you dont understand the technical issue with your pay that when you hand the phone over the clerk and they can sort it for you.

    Also bearing in mind when the migration of data (120,00 records) went across from UNICOM to jpa - it took countless hours around the clock to achieve this in just 2 weeks. There will be mistakes in the transistion - we are liable for human error, part of human nature. And if you are saying you have never made mistakes in your life, thats your first mistake.

    Secondly there was plenty wrong with the old system, thats why its been replaced by a faster system, which can take 3 days to correct your pay, whereas the old system it could take months.

    So I would say before your pre-emptive stirikes, i think the words are we are working on it come to mind - but its new stystem and with new things come new changes and regulations. Part of life unfortunatley, move with the times or you can sign off through your JPA terminal, simple! If between you and your clerk cant resolve it- either your clerk should be sacked or you may have majorly pished them off! And on the bigger picture of the scheme some people didnt even get paid, so thank your lucky stars you did!
  12. It amazing how the army has changed, i thought that if a vehicle broke down, u would call the REME, if you wanted COMMS, u would call the Signals, but now when pay gets messed up......u have to do it what is the job of the special pen service now......making brews....??????? Never had much trouble with the old pay system, if i was owed money, i would get it, now who knows when we will get the money owed.
  13. Stop whinging and look outside the box. Do you think it was only you that has been affected?. You should digest what bitterandtwisted has said.
  14. It was my impression that JPA had been in use for a long time with both the RAF and RN. Therefore the people at JPAC have had ample oppertunity to get used to the system, that is surely why the army waited, to see if the system would work and also make sure problems were ironed out before we took it on.
  15. Sarastro

    Sarastro LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    That worked well then.